Fur has been one of the most popular trends of this past season, and it will no doubt carry on into the next. This Fashionista caught my eye on campus in her awesome white fur coat paired with denim jeans and hippie glasses.

What I love about a good fur coat is that it adds to an outfit instead of taking away from it like other coats often do. A fur coat is a stylish alternative to a bulky, confining ski jacket to keep you warm while walking across campus. The best part about it is that you still feel like you’re walking around wrapped in your warm sheets, yet you look killer.

This Fashionista pairs her coat with jeans, a boho bag, layered necklaces and John Lennon sunglasses to imitate a laid back look. Her coat gives her that little bit of funk without being too obvious about it. There is something so lavish and posh about fur. It provides class to any outfit. For winter it’s also one of the biggest trends right now, and this Fashionista utilizes it to her advantage as she mixes in with the fur trend. There is truly nothing more trendy right now than a white fur coat.

Try looking for fur both old and new! Ask your grandmother if she has any saved from her youth. Vintage fur; can you find anything cooler?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to wear fur because it’s cozy and fashionable and makes me feel like a diva!”