Stay Fit This Summer Without Setting Foot Into a Gym

June 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

Around May, I started cutting back on the pizza, and prepping for my summer bod. Unfortunately, my busy schedule of finals and finishing freshman year made time fly by faster than my nonexistent abs were expecting. Now I am officially on summer vacation, and in need of fun workouts that can help me achieve that bikini bod without trapping me inside a gym all summer. If you have the same dream of looking great without spending hours at the gym, I’ve thought of a few outdoor activities to help you stay fit this summer!

1—Hiking. This is my go-to exercise activity during the warmer months. Going on hikes is a great way to explore your surroundings, while also getting that workout in. Depending on the hike, your workout can be more challenging or leisurely. Also, if you can wake up in time, a sunrise hike is an incredible way to start your day, and you’re almost guaranteed to get a cute Insta out of it!

2—Swimming. Another great way to burn off those late night ice cream calories. There are an infinite number of activities to do in the water. A couple common water exercises include good old fashion laps and treading water. My personal favorite way to exercise in the water is by playing pool volleyball or basketball with my friends.

3—Online. YouTube is a great way to get a free personal trainer this summer. I know you all have at least five free minutes in your busy summer schedule. When you find some spare time, instead of scrolling through social media again, do an ab or butt workout. Tone it Up is a Youtube channel that has great five to 15 minute workouts and exercises that are easy to do in your house with little to no equipment. There are also numerous fitness accounts on Instagram that share at home workouts that are simple yet effective. My personal favorite Instagram fitness account is @lexfitness1. She has quick circuit workouts, yummy recipes, and helpful advice on her page.

4—Running. I know I promised no running on a treadmill, but my next idea is running outside. Running intimidates many people, but if you start out slow, a short distance is very doable. I usually try and run three miles, but on days I am not feeling it, I stick to one mile. When the weather is nice outside I can break a sweat running even less than that. If you absolutely hate even the thought of running, walking can be great exercise, too. Instead of driving to your friend’s house, get that workout in by biking or walking there.

As for me, this summer I hope to get outside more and take advantage of my free time. I promise once you get outside, you won’t regret it!

How are you going to stay fit this summer? Let me know in the comments below.