The Staple Fashion Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs This Summer

With summer slowly approaching, there’s no better time to upgrade your wardrobe with new fashion pieces. It’s out with the old, and in with the new. Let’s all agree on one thing: the weather is hot in the summer. The last thing any Fashionista or Fashionisto on-the-go needs is their outfit to slow them down or heat them up. This upcoming seasons trends include, hats, mini backpacks, light clothing, and comfortable shoes. Get ready summer, we’re coming in hot!

Like many of you out there, this summer I plan to be doing a lot of traveling, working, exploring, adventuring, and relaxing. As someone who is constantly on the go, I make sure that my outfit never slows me down in any situation. Being prepared and dressing for the occasion allows me to successfully tackle the day. This summer, I decided to update my wardrobe with staple fashion pieces that are absolutely essential for me. Those staple fashion items include colorful shoes, a distressed jean skirt, mini backpack, and baseball cap.

Summer Fashion Staples

While I adore wearing my favorite high heels, shoes are essential this summer since I plan to do a ton of walking and need something fashionable and comfortable. My favorite shoes are my pink Converse shoes because they match with the ball cap. They also add a pop of color to my usually neutral wardrobe colors. Distressed jeans skirts are my new favorite piece of clothing because of how comfortable and versatile they are. Whether I’m spending the night out in Manhattan or taking a stroll through Central Park, this skirt is perfect for any occasion. Ball caps are great accessories to protect your face from the hot summer sun or keep you covered on a less than perfect hair day. Although I got my cap from Victoria’s Secret PINK, you can find a similar ball cap here.

Lastly, my favorite staple absolute fashion piece is a mini backpack. Mini backpacks are  special because they’re just the right size for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a heavy backpack. They also provide a bit more space than a purse would. Did I mention how cute they are?

This summer, spruce up your wardrobe with pieces that are fashionable, functional, comfortable and perfect for warmer weather. Go bold in your fashion choices and have fun while doing it! It’s important to find pieces that will not slow down your summer adventures or leave you searching for the nearest fan and popsicle stand.

What are your summer wardrobe staples? Let me know in the comments below or show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.