Spice Up Business Casual and Style Your Silk Square Scarf Like a Pro

August 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am

It can be intimidating to dive headfirst into the workforce after graduating college. It seems like everything is changing and the world is ready to see the new you! It’s finally that time to transition from interview ready to work week ready. As a fresh grad, this is your opportunity to take things up a notch by curating a few key pieces to enhance your whole wardrobe.

It seemed like just yesterday you were stressing over the perfect interview outfit, but keeping a steady look going week after week can be a whole other ballgame. That’s right, just because we are entering the workforce doesn’t mean we have to leave style behind. Don’t get stuck in a cycle of mundane outfits and find your stride in business casual. Set the tone for a good week and stay polished day after day.

It is key to dress the part and doing so consistently requires accessories! The combinations are endless when you find key pieces that work for you. It may seem scary in the accessories section, but starting simple will keep things versatile and allow you to experiment. Implementing accessories will diversify your closet and open a plethora of possibilities. Use accessories to your advantage by giving a simple pairing some depth or just put the finishing touches on one of your favorites! You can keep it low-key or elevate your outfit that expresses your specific taste. Learn how to create a professional, yet personal, look with just one scarf!

Square silk scarves have been a fashion icon across space and time. A staple for many, the square scarf is one of the most versatile accessories around. Simple, yet so significant, the square scarf can refine any look while still keeping things feminine. The square scarf adds elegance and grace to any look: in the hair, around the neck, or even on your handbag. They are an easy way to incorporate color, pattern, and personality to accessorize your simple outfit without worrying that the trend will fade.

Who said ties are just for men? My favorite way to wear the silk scarf is with a collared button down. This look can be flirty and playful or more boyish; it’s up to you! This fold creates a layered look while showcasing different portions of the pattern that ripple down both sides and is more dynamic than the traditional suit-and-tie.

How will you spice up business casual? Comment below your favorite way to accessorize and share with us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!