My South African Escapade—From Johannesburg to Cape Town to Kapama

When my parents said that we were going on a trip to South Africa, I didn’t actually think that we were going to jump on a plane to Cape Town, fly on a helicopter to Kapama, and visit our family in Johannesburg (Joburg) all in under 10 days. To say that this trip was the best experience of my life is an understatement. I got to take a selfie with a giraffe that was about 20 feet away from me while I was sitting in an open safari vehicle. I would say that our trip was a success.

After a tedious and painful 20-hour plane ride, we finally arrived in Joburg. Here, we got to visit my family and explore the downtown area, which has superb food. Out of all of the restaurants we went to, my favorite food “stop” was a cute little juice bar called Bliss Juicery. The kindheartedness of Bliss’s employees, it’s interesting smoothie flavors, and it’s location truly made it the most unique juice bar I have ever been to. Because this is a post for CollegeFashionista, I must mention the cute hat that my uncle gave me and my black leather jacket. The hat was an authentic Greek fisherman’s cap, but you would probably recognize it as a sibling of the Brixton fiddler cap which is gaining much popularity here in the US.

After a few days in Joburg, we hopped on a plane to Cape Town! Cape Town is currently my favorite place in the world. It is basically a conglomerate of breathtaking mountains, a turquoise blue ocean, and a city full of life. What more can you ask for? The first highlight of this little trip was staying at the Waterfront Apartments. My aunt decided to rent us a penthouse suite that overlooked the beautiful Table Moutain. The second highlight of Cape Town was visiting Simon’s Town where we got to see baby penguins and observe the breathtaking ocean and views of the mountain. My third highlight was going to Truth Coffee. It followed a Steampunk aesthetic, and every one of its employees wore vintage, high-quality Steampunk attire from actual Steampunk goggles to hand-sewn leather-lined formal blazers.

Three days later, we hopped on a helicopter which took us from Nelspruit to Kapama where we got to stay in private little safari huts. We stayed at Kapama for two days and went on a total of four safaris—two sunrise and two sunset safaris. We got to see three of the five big five: the lion, elephant, and rhino. One of my favorite parts of the reserve was the breathtaking infinity pool that was completely open to the wild. When we were swimming, four nyalas came up to us and drank some water out of the pool. Kapama was definitely the highlight of my trip!

Where have you Fashionistas traveled this summer, and what was your favorite part of the trip? Let us know in the comments below.