A Fragrance to Shop For Every Harry Styles Hit

Harry Styles is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic public figures of the decade. With a style that keeps on giving, an energy that keeps on wooing, and an aesthetic to knock down the binary doors of gender expression — it is no surprise that our generation of crafty creatives wants to be a part of the pop sensation’s world. Following Styles’ exit from One Direction, his debut studio album with Columbia Records, “Harry Styles”, flew to the tops of the charts in both the UK and the United States. His second album, “Fine Line”, was featured in Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” with its single “Watermelon Sugar” at the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Most recently, four singles off Styles’ third studio album “Harry’s House” charted in succession within the top 10 of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

As a songwriter and musician myself, I have always loved Harry Styles’ lyricism. His narratives are nostalgic, personal, full of heart, and full of relatable quips. He is a true storyteller with an evident passion for communicating complex emotions through song. 

In the world of beauty, I’ve found that scent is a very narrative-driven medium of expression. A fragrance can be everything a song can be: Nostalgic, personal, heartful, and relatable. Music and fragrance are both a means to express yourself in a unique way. So, why not marry the two?

Let’s find out what every Harry Styles hit smells like.


Image via Clinique

Clinique Happy™ Perfume Spray

Top: Orange, Blood Grapefruit, Indian Mandarin, Bergamont, Apple, & Plum 

Middle: Lily-of-the-valley, Freesia, Orchid, & Rose

Bottom: Mimosa, Lily, Magnolia, Musk, & Amber

A song about nostalgia warrants one of the most popular, nostalgic scents of all: Clinique Happy. This was the first perfume I wore religiously, and I remember loving it for its invigorating, fresh, long-wearing properties. It reminds me of family vacations, high school pep rallies, sophomore English, and spontaneous mall trips (back when I had to ask my mom to come to pick me up after). $67.

“Watermelon Sugar” – FINE LINE

Image via Escada

ESCADA Cherry in Japan

Top: Cherry Blossom

Middle: Jasmine

Bottom: Tonka Bean

When I was out researching for this piece, I had a hard time finding a fragrance for this song. After all, I thought, how could anything smell just like strawberries on a summer evening? The second I got a whiff of Escada’s Cherry in Japan, I knew I found the one. This perfume is literally a summer fruit salad in a bottle. You can’t help but obsess over its longevity, juicy cherry notes, and the little hints of vanilla sunscreen residue from the pool party you just threw at your parents’ house. $51.

“Music for a Sushi Restaurant” – HARRY'S HOUSE

Image via Philosophy

fresh cream warm cashmere

Top: Tangerine

Middle: Cashmere Wood & Orchid

Bottom: Vanilla Bean, Creamy Sandalwood, & Skin Musk

Wrap me in this fragrance and send me to sleep. Seriously, with just a little taste (or smell, rather) you’ll love Philosophy’s Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere in every kind of way. There is a subtle, unique sweetness to this fragrance that is reminiscent of a cozy date night at your favorite local eatery. I specifically picked this one as a nod to Styles’ lyrical references to ice cream, coffee, and edible stars- if that’s even a thing. $45.

“Sign of the Times” – HARRY STYLES

Image via Maison Margiela

REPLICA When the Rain Stops

Top: Green, Bergamot, & Pink Pepper

Middle: Water, Rain, Turkish Rose, & Jasmine

Bottom: Moss, Pine Tree, & Patchouli

This song gets me in my feels every single time. The narrative of “Sign of the Times” depicts grief after a fighting sprint, and my brain immediately related that to the earthy, grounded aesthetic of REPLICA When the Rain Stops by Maison Margiela. There is a moment that follows loss that is very similar to the smell of the air after a storm. It’s calm, kind, renewed, and understanding- much like the notes of this fragrance. It feels like a much-needed hug from your sibling, a text from an old friend, or a blanket after jumping in the lake on a cloudy day. $144.

“Late Night Talking” – HARRY'S HOUSE

Image via Versace


Top: Yuzu, Pomegranate, & Ice

Middle: Peony, Lotus, & Magnolia

Bottom: Musk, Mahogany, & Amber

For this song, I wanted to find a scent that you might wear going out- something with a musky party vibe. I also wanted it to have an overall sweetness that could last until late morning. For me, that’s when the real late-night talking happens. If this sounds like your vibe, look no further than Bright Crystal by Versace. Its floral and amber notes will have you busting a move, scream-singing with the sunroof open, and chatting it up with your partner until the early hours of the next day. $85.

“Sunflower, Vol. 6” – FINE LINE

Image via Gucci

Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori

Top: Jasmine, Sambac, & Rangoon Creeper

Middle: Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang, & Jasmine

Bottom: Solar notes, Musk, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Orris, & Woodsy notes

What smells like a slow dance in a field of sunflowers? The answer: Gucci Bloom Profumo Di Fiori. This fragrance smells like the entire memory of a summer picnic from the sweetness of the first kiss to the earthiness of the ground below. The rich jasmine and warm woodsy notes will take you back to your favorite childhood wildflower field- you know, that one. $144.


Image via Yves Saint Laurent

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Top: Pear, Pink Pepper, & Orange Blossom

Middle: Coffee, Jasmine, Bitter Almond, & Licorice

Bottom: Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedar, & Cashmere Wood

What is more hyper-feminine and alluring than YSL Black Opium? Confirmed by Styles, “She” is an ode to his imaginary dream girl that he has yet to meet. In the song, he describes this ideal mate as the kind of woman that he can’t get out of his mind. Similarly, Black Opium has some serious staying power. With addicting notes like coffee, pink pepper, and vanilla, this fragrance simply cannot be forgotten.

“Matilda” – HARRY'S HOUSE

Image via Riddle


Bottom: Musk & Amber

I am SO excited to talk about this one. Matilda is a gorgeous song about the kind of inner, innate strength that comes with moving on from people that have hurt you. How do you put that into a fragrance? The answer is Original by Riddle. This is a rollerball that reacts with your PH to create a unique, highly individual, and incredibly long-lasting scent. Original only has two, humble bottom notes: Amber and musk. For me, this represents the parts of you that no one can take away, the things that make you who you are- which makes me smile because I get tons of compliments every time I wear this one. 

P.S. If you aren’t sold yet, Shawn Mendes wears Original too. $50.

Featured image by @_trib3cca & @harrystyles