The Shoes That Are Taking the Fashion World by Storm

The Shoes That Are Taking the Fashion World by Storm

A recent trip to China has proven that flatforms are the most popular new shoe trend. Across the country people were wearing all kinds of different styles, heights, and colors. The beauty of flatforms is their ability to be styled in so many different ways. From slip-ons to sandals, there are endless possibilities.

The key to rocking the flatform trend lies in finding the right pieces to complement the shoe. When pairing flatform sneakers or slip-ons with jeans, you are going to want to opt for a shorter hemline. The cropped style of the jeans will allow the shoes to do all the talking, while also creating length in the legs. If you are working with solid color flatforms and plain denim, you can create interest by adding a statement jacket or bold accessories. Or, if you’d rather have the shoes be the star of the show, you can choose bold, patterned flatforms. In this case you’d want to keep the rest of the outfit simple, a chunky sweater or a plain white T-shirt and a leather jacket would do the trick. For the warmer months, flatform sandals are the way to go. They can be paired with shorts, dresses, skirts, rompers, and more. This Fashionista is wearing her flatform sandals with a patterned romper, gold accessories, and a jean jacket for when the sun goes down. Another great thing about styling flatforms is that you don’t have to feel guilty about abusing your feet! Flatforms are super comfortable because the height of the shoe is consistent from front to back. Let’s just say the Fashionistas of China had it right, flatforms are the way to go.

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