Seven Sneaky Ways to Wear PJ's During the Day

We’ve all had those days—your snooze has gone off four times and if you don’t get out of bed right this second you run the risk of being very, very late. With these little styling tricks in your back pocket, however, you’ll be out the door in only a matter of minutes while still killin’ the fashion game. Because let’s face it, getting away with wearing PJ’s out and about is something every college student has to master at some point.

1—Culottes make for the perfect alternative to pajama pants—they’re silky, breezy and above all else, cool as hell. (Photo via @emilydcole)


2—A drapey sweater so cozy, you’ll feel like you never even left your bed. (Photo via @danijo519)


3—Thanks to runway labels like The Row, knit pant-and-top sets are bringing pajama-level comfort to the streets. (Photo via @carly_tice)


4—Wear a nightgown underneath a chic bomber and booties for an updated look on this trendy favorite. (Photo via @embethleb)


5—Grab a graphic or band tee (or keep the one you slept in, we won’t tell) and channel your inner punk rocker. (Photo via @allyzacek)


6—Running out the door in the a.m.? Slides are essentially the daytime equivalent to slippers! (Photo via @principessa3x)


7—Joggers are like fashion’s official sweatpant. #BlessUp (Photo via @macyeleni)