Road Trip Essentials for Any Destination

August 28th, 2017 at 2:00am

When you hit the road, you want to make sure you have everything you may need because there is no turning back, but what exactly is everything? Here is some insight on the pack and do-not-pack items you have always wanted to know.

1—Clothing. This is probably the most important thing because when you are snapping all those pictures for Instagram, you want to look good. I always try to fit my style to the places I go to, for instance: if I’m going to New York, I’ll try and dress very clean and polished by packing some comfy, chic shoes and pairing it with a sundress or solid shirt and patterned pants. If I’m going westward, I’ll probably pack some jeans and add some flannel over a classic graphic T-shirt. Wherever you are going, try and pack light because you will buy souvenirs and you will run out of room in your suitcase. I’ll normally pack two pairs of pants that match all the shirts in my suitcase and a couple dresses for variety. The shoes you choose depend on what you plan on doing. If you are hiking and doing outdoorsy things, stick with a pair of Vans or boots. If you are strutting the streets of a city, wear some comfy flats or a pair of mules.

2—Electronics. Cameras are your best friends on road trips. Pack every single one and get a camera bag from a thrift store if need be! This is a must because when you are long gone from the places you visited, you will want to look back on the moments you cherished throughout your trip. In addition, I pack my laptop on every trip because it comes in handy for storing pictures and editing them. Of course, don’t forget your phone. How else will you make all your friends jealous on social media while you’re on an adventure of a lifetime?

3—The little things. I always try and pack little things besides electronics to keep me busy on the road in a small backpack. A deck of cards is always a good choice to keep yourself and some friends and family members entertained. Pack some snacks like goldfish or popcorn to munch on when you’re hungry. The little things don’t necessarily have to entertain you in the car; they can also entertain you when you get to your destination! You could pack a travel-sized hammock to set up and lay amongst the mountains or a longboard so you can cruise on the coast. The little things vary and depend on your likes but be sure not to forget them because the little things matter!

These are the main three categories I think of when packing and I hope this helps with whatever trip you are going on. Adventure on, my friends!

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