The Rival of the Denim Mini Skirt

In fashion, I love how everything comes full circle. Major fashion trends have a tendency to make their way back in our wardrobes. When thinking of the early 00s’, I tend to think of trends like velour tracksuits, denim mini skirts, and tattoo choker necklaces. Denim mini skirts were a huge part of the 00s’. Almost every girl, no matter what age, wore them with brand logo T-shirts (Abercrombie and Hollister—don’t lie you owned a couple), polos and trucker hats. They were widely worn in the early 00s’ and then were not seen much, that is, until now. In 2017, all of these trends are widely popular again. Many girls have dusted off their velour tracksuits, repurchased tattoo chokers and the resurrection of denim skirts has occurred. And I for one, couldn’t be happier.

Almost anything can match nicely with denim, which makes it one of the most wonderful materials. Almost everyone’s day-to-day wardrobe contains denim shorts and pants. Now, another option opened to us—skirts. I love denim skirts because they give an outfit a little more of a unique look than denim shorts or pants would.

How I Styled a Denim Skirt

The denim skirt I picked had a different look to it, compared to what was worn in the 00s’. A denim pencil skirt with rips along it gives the simple look a little edge. This skirt goes well with almost any top, which is a very nice feature. I decided to pair it with a mustard yellow ruffled crop top. However, it would look great with a simple black camisole for a more casual look or, it can be dressed up with a nice blouse. I kept the accessories to a minimal, with a delicate necklace and neutral sandals.  

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