STYLE GURU BIO: Rinette Bondoc

Hello my fellow fashion enthusiasts! I’m so stoked for this coming semester as not only a returning Style Guru but also a Social Media Intern as well.

To share more about myself—I just finished a mission of a quarter that included five fashion classes including apparel fit, sales promotion, retail logistics and merchandise management and layout design. Though it was one of my tougher quarters, I definitely learned a lot and it only peaked my interest and love for the fashion industry.  I start my last year before earning my degree in fashion marketing as well the Parsons x Teen Vogue Certificate Program and just like many of my fellow Style Gurus, I am so excited to get an even closer look into the industry.

As my personal style evolves, I find myself investing in and wearing the same staple pieces, like a black leather moto jacket, a wide brimmed hat and white sneakers shown above. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely realized how much I love and need black items in my closet, it’s definitely the key to all of my outfits these days. The classic and versatile nature of the outfit is definitely what makes it chic but wearable.

My non-fashion related interests include TV, Netflix is still my absolute obsession as well as anything having to do with social media. I love traveling as well and spending time with my family is always one of my number one priorities. Fashion and family definitely continues to be my main inspirations as I learn more and more about the industry and start making my way into the career path I dream of.

All in all, I’m so thrilled to not only be able to showcase outfit and style articles of my fellow campus Fashionistas but also to share weekly social media posts of just what makes CollegeFashionista and the lives of Style Gurus #RAD.

So until next time Fashionistas/os and always remember to “live the life you love….in style.”