What You Should Be Doing Right Now for Fall

Of course, we are all enjoying our summer and the carefree fun that comes with it; But let’s not pretend we don’t have any responsibilities here. Read on for a list of things you need to be taking care of right now, before the stress of mid-August creeps up and catches you off guard. Once you get them done, exhale and enjoy the rest of your summer in a state of accomplished bliss!

Decode Financial Aid’s tricky language.

So your Financial Aid statement is finally ready and available for view (you only completed the paperwork 20 billion months ago). But what on earth does it all mean? The best thing you can do before taking on the debt of another academic year is improving your financial literacy. If your bill from the Bursar’s office looks like gibberish accompanied by way too many dollar signs and commas for your liking, SALT is here to help. Do not procrastinate on this one—deadlines for accepting or denying your Financial Aid offers will be here in no time!

Start supply-shopping early.

Ever try gift shopping on December 24th? Yeah, I’m sure you know where I’m going with this now. Look up your professor’s supply list, pick up general items the next time you see them on sale, and shop around for your textbooks ASAP! All it takes is an “Anyone selling an Intro to Advertising textbook for AC171?” post in your class Facebook group to get ahead of the game and save money.

Start (and finish) your dorm shopping.

Knowing you interior-design hobbyists, this one is already on your radar (gladly). Be mindful of your school’s restrictions, watch YouTube tours from your school, and coordinate with your roommate! For example, is your roomie staying on campus all four years, while you are planning on commuting from home next year? Then it probably won’t make much sense for you to be the one to buy the microwave or toaster. Plan it out and get everything you’d love before the wave of shopping procrastinators tear your local Target apart! This master list was my lifesaver last year.

Double-check your class schedule & Graduation requirements.

Major tip: It’s a lot easier to realize a schedule mistake and be top priority on a counselor’s list when it is only August 5th, versus September 1st (when their offices, email boxes, and to-do lists are flooded with other students). It doesn’t take long at all to make sure your classes are actually helping you progress towards your degree. Log into your student portal and do it now!Photo via @jordanshiley

Get your resume updated & on point.

This is the year. You plan on getting a job, monetizing your blog or social media media accounts, applying for your dream internship, looking into your school’s Honor Society, studying abroad, talking to your counselor about career possibilities after graduation, whatever it may be! One thing’s for certain– you can’t do it with a blank or incomplete resume. If you still have no idea where to start with this intimidating and overwhelming process, check out this uber-helpful resume builder.

Be active and friendly in your class Facebook Group.

You never know when you’ll be in desperate need for someone to respond to yours (see #5)!

Do a social-media cleanup.

Before you start applying to jobs and such with your newly-perfected resume, you might want to check yourself about how you may be appearing online. Delete a few of those summer party pics where you might not have been dressing or acting like your best self. Be mindful of your controversial retweets. Do an advanced search of your own profile to make sure you haven’t been a potty-mouth online in your past life. Companies you apply to may not be very easygoing or understanding about the use of your own personal profile use yet, so this is more important than you think!

Establish and get started on your fall goals.

Got lots in mind about what you want to achieve this year? Write it down and sort it out! Really want to try out your photography hand at next month’s NYFW? Now’s the time to search LinkedIn for who to contact about getting ahold of a press pass. Proper preparation prevents poor performance! You’ll feel much more at ease if you start the year with a clear, proactive mindset.

Experiment with a new look.

Bring back the exciting middle-school feeling of showing up to the first day of classes rocking a brand new look! If you’re unsure about a haircut you loved from Instagram last week, try it out while your still at home (surrounded by friends and fam who will totally give you their honest opinion on it, if that matters to you).

Apply to be a Style Guru!

If you don’t quite know where to start on your journey of goals this year, CollegeFashionista is always here to help. You need to be a Style Guru this semester! Here’s why.

Next month, as you calmly ease into the school year and reflect on a job well done, you’ll have your amazing self-discipline and responsibility to thank. If you plan everything out and proceed with dedication, Fall 2017 semester is sure to be a great one!

What else on your to-do list can’t you ignore anymore? Let us know in the comments below!