3 Red Lipstick Looks You Can Actually Wear During Summer

Maybe it’s the Swiftie in me, but I’ve always been a big fan of red lipstick. When I’m looking for a pick me up, or a way to elevate my #ootd, I always turn to my favorite tube of red lipstick to get the job done. Red is a statement color, it’s bold and bright, but in a way, it’s also become a little safe. These days when Fashionistas and beauty gurus alike are rocking every shade from neon green to gray, red becomes a classic choice. While it may be the best color for the winter holiday season, red lipstick can have its moment in the summer months too. I’ve selected a few red lipstick looks to making your summer rock in red.

Classic Hollywood Glam: A simple cat eye and bold red lip can never do you wrong, no matter the season. Keep your face makeup light and natural, with a slight contour and neutral eye. Build on a glamorous winged liner and select your favorite shade of red for your lips. False lashes are optional to step up your game. When picking the best shade of red lisptick for your skin tone, lean towards a bluer red for cool tones or a shade with an orange base for warm tones. Those with neutral tones, swatch until you find a shade somewhere in the middle. Have fun with the challenge! Finding the perfect shade of red lipstick for your skin tone is like striking gold.

Peachy Glow: Color your eyelids in shades of the best summer fruits, and don an orange-leaning or scarlet shade for your lips. For this look, use pink, orange, or yellow (or all three!) and create a monochromatic and dreamy peachy look. I used my favorite shade of peach colored blush for a base on my lids as well as my cheeks. Brush up the blush onto your temples for extra drama. Highlight your cheekbones, brow bone, down your nose, and inner corner of your eyes in a golden shade and feel as bright and delicious as a summer treat. The red on your lips will take this summer glow to the next level.

Smoky and Sultry: Look as hot as a summer bonfire with this smoky eye evening look. Using shades of brown, leaning towards the bronze and golden browns, blend a smoky eyeshadow look on your lids. Add some bronzer and contour to your cheeks as well, and finish off with intense lashes and a wine colored red lipstick. The brown undertones in your shade of red will match the drama of your eyes and leave you with an eye-catching end-of-summer look.

What’s your favorite way to wear red lipstick? Let us know in the comments below!