32 Songs by LGBTQ+ Artists To Kick Off Pride Month

32 Songs by LGBTQ+ Artists To Kick Off Pride Month

Living as someone in the LGBTQ+ community is already a difficult act in itself, but what feels even more difficult is finding art forms and stories that we can relate to as queer individuals. With this in mind, it raises the issue that much of today’s music is filled with heteronormative standards. It’s exhausting to have your own voice silenced, so with the start of Pride month, all we really want to do is listen to songs about our queer desires, relationships, and struggles. Fortunately, I’ve discovered many artists ranging all genres that identify as LGBTQ+ and aren’t afraid to show it in their music. This playlist, spanning from queer R&B to indie girl anthems, will be sure to help you get your grooves or feels on, but also will make you insanely proud of your queerness—just in time for Pride month.

Opening image by Natalie Geisel.

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