How Sneaking Into My Parent's Closet Shaped My Style Today

How Sneaking Into My Parent's Closet Shaped My Style Today
I was the only child born to a wonderful and loving mother and father. Growing up, I didn’t have any sisters to steal skirts from or any brothers to pass along their hand-me-downs. For a long time, my only style inspiration came from the people who dressed me when I was too young to do it myself: my parents. I was not immune to the sticky fingers that young children get for their siblings’ wardrobes, but without any sisters or brothers to swipe from, I was left to peruse my parents’ closets.

Whether I’d like to admit it or not, it goes without saying that much of my style is modeled after my mother. My mom’s closet is chock full of treasures. She loves shopping our local, trendy thrift stores and she’s always on the hunt for the next hidden gem. Growing up, I always admired her collection of vintage sweaters. She had fabulous retro pullovers dotted with funky shapes and fuzzy cardigans with big fun buttons that I was forever stealing from her wardrobe. Thanks to her influence and much of her own generosity, I have now begun my own collection of fabulous vintage sweaters, perfect for throwing over a statement tee.

How My Mom and Dad Influenced My Personal Style

My mom and dad, the source of all my inspiration. | PHOTO: Sam Georgson

I also credit my mother for my love of shoes. She has a crazy footwear collection, and as I grew into my own, I was lucky enough to land at her exact size seven. Naturally, this resulted in lots of shoe swapping. My mom even thrifts shoes, which prompts plenty of people to turn up their noses, but she always snags the coolest pairs. I follow in her footsteps quite literally as I build on my collection with all sorts of strappy sandals, slip-on sneakers, and pointy-toed pumps.

My dad’s closet, however, was the spot for comfy clothes. I’ve snagged all of my favorite oversize sweatshirts from him over the year. He has cozy quarter zips for when I attempt to put together a sporty-chic ensemble, and he has the coolest vintage green and gold Packers sweatshirts from old Super Bowls that I can dress down for at-home wear or style for a retro, everyday ‘fit.


My parents rocking their typical looks (peep the incredible shoe choices) that still influence my outfits today. | PHOTO: Sam Georgson

I find myself imitating both of my parents when I throw on my go-to look: an oversize button-down with jeans. Both my dad and my mom incorporate button-downs into their wardrobes, and their influence on my style is evident just by peering into my closet and seeing what I wear on a daily basis. I would happily throw on a thrifted flannel any day of the week, I pull my denim shirt over a sweatshirt when I want that comfy casual look, and I can even accessorize a casual plaid shirt with hoop earrings and a pair of heels to wear on a night out.

Although my parents definitely dress how parents are often expected to dress—my mother struts her stuff in the quintessential mom jeans and my dad is always rocking the most ridiculous sneakers—I still owe much of my own style to their funky retro wardrobes. As an only child, it’s safe to say that I’m very thankful to have had two totally trendy parents to serve as my style inspo. Here’s to many more years of shopping and swapping with my favorite dynamic duo.

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Opening image by Sam Georgson.