How to Perfect a Look That Is Both Comfortable and Stylish This Summer

June 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

As a full-time fashion student as well as an employee, summer nanny, daughter, sister, and friend, there really is no down time in my life. With every new day, there is a new adventure, task, or life goal to be accomplished. Almost every young person in my situation can relate and that is why it’s important to dress for your day in something comfortable and also stylish because you never know what life will throw at you. Summer is no exception to this rule!

I found this Fashionista walking the streets of downtown near our college campus during the evening. I loved her look and was super inspired, which led me to asking her lots of questions about her day. The first obvious thing I wanted to know was where she had been and what she had done. She told me all about her day and her summer adventures.

It turns out that this Fashionista has a marketing and social media internship with our school (Kent State University) and gets to help run their social media, plan out posts, and promote cool and exciting things on campus this upcoming fall! What a fun job, right? She said that she loves her internship because it is through the school, is super laid back, but is also giving her the experience that she needs for the real world. Since this is a somewhat laid back internship, jeans are acceptable on their casual Fridays. She decided to not only wear jeans, but to wear cropped white denim that looked super sharp with the rest of her outfit.

After her internship ended, she met up with some friends for dinner and dessert downtown. This outfit is acceptable in the office and can be worn out afterwards without being too overdressed. This Fashionista was walking quite a bit which is where comfort comes into play. Heels are very cute, but these trendy, tan peep-toe flats are just as cute and she could walk for miles in them!

To top off her look, this Fashionista was wearing the uber trendy off-the-shoulder, white and powder blue top that can be found just about anywhere this summer season. This item is really popular and can be worn in so many different ways. This top can be dressed up or down depending on what kind of aesthetic you are going for as well.

What are you wearing to your internship this summer? Share a photo on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!