The Perfect Boho Summer Sets

When the sunshine calls, a beautiful summer set is in order. I am a person who absolutely loves online shopping, and For Love And Lemons has one of my all time favorite summer collections. If you like boho-inspired styles, then you’d love their website.

Recently on social media and at stores I’ve seen sets everywhere, and they’re quickly becoming a huge trend that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. I’m all for easy looks that don’t take too much thought and sets are just that. Sets are such an easy summer trend to shop. It gives off a more thought out look than a dress; however, it’s just as simple and easy to pull off and put together. They’re a way of showing some skin in a tasteful yet classy way.

Summertime whites are a huge have to have in my closet. They perfectly compliment and show off your summer tan. However, if you’re like me and you can’t go totally white because there’s a really good chance you’ll spill something on your outfit, then this set is perfect for you. With the neutral color underneath the white stars, this look has everything you could ever want.

Another trend I’ve noticed this summer is stars. If you go to almost any clothing store, you’ll see stars on a lot of their pieces. Whether it’s on jeans, shirts, dresses, or skirts, this trend is huge for the summer. A little way of adding some sass to your clothing. I love this set because it incorporates the star trend in a different way and makes you look twice at the piece.

While I personally love neutrals, if you like colors, a good way of incorporating your favorite colors in the style would be through the accessories. You could pair this with pale blue wedges and blue bracelets. This Fashionista is wearing nude heels from Steve Madden.

Whether you’re going to a graduation party, a wedding, on a vacation, or just brunch with the girls, sets are such an easy look to put together and it will definitely catch the eyes of others.

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