How to Pack Your Luggage Like a Pro

Summer is the synonym of traveling for most college students. Whether it’s going back home, traveling for fun, or for an internship, many students have to pack their suitcases at this time of the year but it is not always an easy task, especially for Fashionistas! It is essential to optimize your space when packing to get everything you need and not be stressed out.

I consider myself a very efficient packer since I grew up traveling a lot, but it took me a lot of research and stressful experiences to master the art of packing. Some general tips before starting the process is to, preferably, get a rectangular suitcase and plan ahead by writing down everything you need. It is important to be familiar with the destination and the whether to not pack unnecessary items and to have basic pieces that can easily match. It is also helpful to have ideas of combinations beforehand.

Now, to the important part of how to pack and get ready to go:

1—Roll your T-shirts, tops and blouses. After carefully rolling every piece, you will fill the uneven bottom of the luggage. It is terrible to get to your destination and have clothes full of wrinkles. This technique will keep your tops straight and ready to wear. It is also nice to take a picture of your suitcase so you will know where every roll is, without the need of searching the whole bag for it.

2—Fold your pants and trousers.  You will fold the pieces in half, just like the picture below, and lay them on top of the rolls. You can layer your pants to optimize space. You can also put more rolls on top of the folded pants and fold the pants over them if you have more tops to add.

3—Put your outwear on top of everything. After folding the pants and trousers with the rolls, you can put your outwear, like jackets and blazers, on top. It is ideal to fold them in half, just like in the example below, to optimize space. You can also put chargers, belts, intimate apparel, socks, and whatever you want on the sides.

4—Fit your shoes on the suitcase. You have to be careful on how to fit your shoes on the suitcase so they won’t get crushed or get your clothes dirty.  If you are not attentive to this step you might have a bad surprise when you get to your destination.

After packing don’t forget to wear a comfortable outfit to travel and put locks on your luggage! Also, don’t leave behind important items like chargers, personal documents, and electronics. It is important and beneficial to be careful when packing your bags since it will save your time, avoid stress and allow you to optimize space to take everything you want!

How do you pack before traveling? Let us know in the comments below!