Overall, This Trend is Sweeping The Streets

June 28th, 2017 at 2:00am

Summer is finally in session and you know what that means: new trends! Overalls, among other trends, have taken the world by storm. Whether they’re shorts or pants, denim overalls have become a fan favorite. Now, Fashionistas are pushing the envelope with patterned overalls that are perfect for weekend adventures.

Overalls are the perfect outfit to throw on. They are an effortless, yet comfortable, way to look chic and stylish, which is why so many people love them. People in the ’90s were big on wearing denim overalls, but since their modern makeover, they have made a comeback. From Rachel on Friends to my mom’s old college pictures, I have noticed how stylish they can be if they are paired correctly. They can be perfectly paired with crop tops, off-the-shoulder shirts, simple T-shirts, colorful tank tops, and the list goes on.

This Fashionista decided to take this overall trend and turn it up a notch. She created an eye-catching look by pairing camouflage overalls with a simple white T-shirt. Camouflage is the pattern used to blend into backgrounds, but this Fashionista used it to stand out in a crowd. Even though the overalls are the center of this outfit, my favorite part of this look are her slip-on sneakers. These simple white shoes with silver stars captured my attention and really pulled this outfit together. During the warmer months, lighter colors brighten up outfits and make them pop. With the addition of simple pink sunglasses and a bold, blue crossbody bag, she dominated the streets in style. This outfit is perfect for roaming around the Concrete Jungle; from Madison Square Eats to the Whitney Museum, this Fashionista had all eyes on her.

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