How I Organize My Busy College Life

August 7th, 2017 at 2:00am

Whether you’ve been working or playing, summer is almost over! The new school year will be here faster than you think, which means that homework, deadlines, and the craziness of college will be here soon, too. Overwhelming schedules are hard to manage, so it’s time to get organized! Organization in college can be really hard, but if you stick to it, it pays off in the long run!

What I’ve discovered throughout college is that a routine is essential to staying organized. A set schedule can seriously help meet deadlines. A consistent routine will help you feel alert during the day and help get things done quickly. I write everything down, and, yes, I mean everything. Have a planner to write down all assignments, work schedules, and all your upcoming events. This will prevent you from overbooking yourself and stressing when you don’t have to. I also make to-do lists when I have a busy day. They help me stay on track so I get everything done, and nothing feels better than crossing things off of a to-do list!

Keeping your space clean is super important for organization. One simple thing I do is make my bed every day. It’s a small thing that takes 30 seconds but is worth spending time on. Simple things like making your bed help you feel more in control and less likely to nap throughout the day so you can focus on assignments. I also fold my clothes and put them away as soon as I change. This helps keep my room clean so I don’t have to spend over an hour cleaning when I can’t see the floor anymore. These little cleaning tasks may seem annoying, but they really help save time in the long run.

A large component of school, obviously, is homework. Big projects can be daunting when they’re assigned, but don’t wait until the last minute to do it! Instead, make a timeline for yourself for when you want to get things done. This way you won’t have to pull any all nighters and your assignment will be perfect when you submit it! Keep separate notebooks and folders for each class so you don’t get mixed up. There’s nothing worse than bringing the wrong notebook to class and having your notes get jumbled up. I even color code mine so I can see it right away and it’s a quick grab and go!

Getting organized is simple; these things will not only help you through college life but once you graduate as well. If you build these habits now, they will soon feel like a second nature so you can slay during college and after!

What are some organization tips that help you? Let us know in the comments below!