The One-Piece Still Rules

When I think of the one-piece swimsuit, it really throws me back to those awkward middle school years when my mom thought I was too young to be prancing around in a bikini. Well—thanks to the makers of fashion—those once coveted one-pieces we all used to wear as little girls are back in full force. Personally I found it hard to hop onto this trend; I mean, who wants to be reminded of their “brace face” days and get those awful tan-lines. But soon enough, like every other trendy Instagrammer, I got on board.

Recently while shopping around and doing much stalking of all my favorite bloggers, I finally decided to hop on the wagon and buy my first one-piece suit (well…since the 4th grade…)! The one I chose is from J. Crew—with such a bold summer print I instantly knew I had to have it. The low black and spaghetti straps also give it a bit of edginess since the print is young and fun.

I paired the suit with my absolute favorite Panama Hat from J. Crew. This hat is a necessity for every fashion-lover, considering it looks good on everyone. If you are wanting to be a little less bold with your one-piece a classic stripe or fun solid color can help tone things down a bit.

Summer is coming to a close, but the warm weather will be around for a little while longer! So hurry up and go get that swimsuit that you’ve been dying to wear all summer! I can’t wait to see everyone’s favorites so make sure to tag me and @CFashionista on Instagram!

What are some of your favorite swimsuit brands this season? Let us know in the comments below!