The 3 Drugstore Makeup Buys Olivia Culpo Swears By

If a celebrity is kind enough to share how she achieves her flawless makeup or enviable complexion, it usually involves a beauty routine filled with products that cost more than some people’s rent. Spending $550 on gold-infused serum? Yah…not happening.

But then there are those celebrities, like Olivia Culpo, who have more realistic beauty routines that we can wrap our heads around. Olivia who swears you can find anything you really need at the drugstore. “Yes, you can find a beautiful makeup that’s very expensive. But I’m convinced you can also find the same thing from [a drugstore].”

And Olivia isn’t all talk. She shared exclusively with us the three products she swears by that you too can easily pickup at your local drugstore.

1—L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion, $17.

“[It’s] dewy and doesn’t make your skin look overly done.”

2—Evian Facial Spray, $12

“After you put on your moisturizer, you can set it with this misting spray.”

3—Burt’s Bee’s Tinted Lip Balm, $5

“It’s so, so good!”

Olivia shared these tips and more exclusively with us in our latest podcast episode! And if you want more drugstore picks, be sure to the check out the College Beauty Awards!

Photos via @oliviaculpo