12 Reasons to Keep Olive Oil in Your Beauty Cabinet

February 20th, 2018 at 1:00pm
olive oil for skin

Even though I’m a fan of cooking with olive oil, I can honestly say that I’ve never considered it for my skin and hair. Yet through my daily beauty-blog reading, I stumbled across some information that led me to realize this ingredient can actually be used as a beauty product. From intense moisturizing to curing bug bites, this ingredient has a multitude of surprising uses—which is perfect for me considering my room doesn’t have enough space to store tons of beauty products. If you’re in the same boat, grab that bottle of EVOO and try out some of these remedies for yourself.  And with so many different ways to use olive oil, there’s sure to be one way that works for you. Keep reading to see 12 uses for this ingredient.

  • Antibacterial cream: Mix olive oil, lavender, calendula oil, and tea-tree oil to make your own germ-fighting remedy. According to  Allure, the use of tea tree will combat germs while the olive oil will assist in preventing scarring.
  • Pre-shampoo treatment: Refinery29 suggests massaging a small amount of olive oil into your hair before washing. The product works as an intense hair mask and restores moisture to your dried-out locks.
  • Makeup remover: Byrdie recommends using olive oil for dissolving waxy makeup (like mascara and eyeliner). Not only is it effective at removing these substances, but it can also help hydrate delicate areas like your eyes.
  • Lip moisturizer: Vogue Italia suggests using this key ingredient to deeply moisturize your pout. Apply it before showering to ensure the hot water doesn’t dry you out.
  • Dry hair treatment: Allure recommends applying a couple of drops of olive oil to the ends of your locks after spraying some dry shampoo into your roots. The shine will keep your hair from looking dried out.
  • Shaving gel: Forgot to grab shaving gel on your last shopping trip? Replace it with olive oil to leave your skin smooth while avoiding irritation.
  • Nail strengthener: On the next spa day, soak the tips of your fingers in olive oil for about 10 minutes. Julep says this can help moisturize and restore your nails.
  • Makeup brush cleaner: Your tools can get dirty very quickly, so make your own brush cleanser that you’ll always be able to have on hand. Allure suggests mixing two parts soap (dishwashing liquid is a good option) and one part olive oil for a wash that’s gentle on your brushes.
  • Dry skin solution: Byrdie says to apply olive oil to your skin while it’s damp, then wait for it to drink up all of the hydrating effects. This is perfect for healing skin that’s dry and flaky from the winter cold.
  • Acne treatment: Natural Living Ideas says olive oil can decrease inflammation and moisturize the skin by pulling excess sebum out of pores. If you’re looking to target pimples on an even deeper level, mix four tablespoons of salt with three tablespoons of oil for a spot-fighting scrub.
  • Bug bite relief: Combine beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil for an itch relief balm that InStyle says will calm the irritation from pesky bug bites. This can help stop you from scratching to prevent infection or further inflammation.
  • Beach waves: Byrdie says to pair a salt spray with olive oil to avoid dehydrating those loose waves. Simply work it through your hair after you’re done styling to add a moisturizing sheen.

What remedies are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo by @stylelinguistics.