The New Red-Orange Hue Taking Over Summer

As temperatures rise with summer approaching, so has the temperature of the trending summer colors. One of the “it” colors of this season is a bright poppy red infused with just a hint of orange. The good news is that this color is easy to come by—not only in clothing and accessories, but also in everyday items that will only serve to spice up your life with this fiery color. Below are just a few ways to incorporate the color of red-orange into your summer aesthetic.

1—Shoes. As one of the easiest ways to incorporate this shade, shoes can make any color pop. What’s more, in suede, this shade is deepened and adds a level of luxury to a bright color.

2—Jewelry. Always serving as a simple way to add flair to any outfit, both red enamel or red thread in jewelry add a level of intrigue not always found with just metal tones.

3—Nail Polish, A great way to try this trendy red is with a nail polish. It can be a temporary way to try out a color before making a more permanent choice or investment.

4—Lipstick. Reds have always been a lipstick staple, but not so much with an orange twist. Try out this shade using NARS cult-classic shade: Red Square.

5—Fruits and Veggies. A healthy and fun way to embrace this trend is by changing the color of what’s on your plate. To find ethically sourced and fresh variety, check out your local farmer’s market selections!

6—(Virgin) Cocktails. Try a Bloody Mary, a raspberry lemonade, or a beat and carrot juice. There are so many unique drink and juice selections to enjoy. Next time you find a comprehensive list, try being adventurous by making your decision based on the color.

7—Glasses. From cat-eye red readers to glossy red sunnies, glasses are a perfect way to express your individuality while debuting the latest trends.

8—Flowers. Chrysanthemums, marigolds, poppies, oh my! You can even try branching out from the typical varieties and look at succulents as well.

9—Artwork. Covering such a vast subject, there are a million and one ways to incorporate this trendy red into artwork. Whether you buy it, go see it, or make it yourself, this hue of red is inescapable.

10—Sunsets. In the spirit of summer, make sure to find this hue in its most natural form one summer evening—preferably at the beach!

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