Meet The CollegeFashionista Social Media Society

You know all those photos on CollegeFashionista’s Instagram, you double tap and wish there was more than just a “heart” button for? Well many of those come from our rockstar team of Style Gurus known as the “Social Media Society.” These curators of content have eyes for good lighting, appetites for delicious dishes and enviable closets that they love to share through perfectly filtered photos and witty captions.

Check out the official CollegeFashionista Social Media Society and get to know a little bit more about the people behind the selfies below!

Alessa Gabrielle, University of South Florida

Twenty-two. Lover of fashion + social media connoisseur. I love to create aesthetically appealing content all while connecting with other fashionistas. I’m excited for this semesters journey. 

Alessa Solien

Allie Barke, DePaul University

I’m a business student and fashion blogger. My passions include cats, shoes, and burrito bowls. I’ve never once worn yoga pants to go anywhere besides to yoga.

Allie Barke

Ally Rohmann, Providence College

Avocado enthusiast, lover of an organized closet and my turquoise Hampton cruiser. Current MBA student at Providence College and former fashion intern. Counting down the days until I call New York City, home.

Ally Rohmann

Amanda Sette, University of New Haven

Fluent in hashtags and winged eyeliner. I believe in overdressing, selfies and koozies.

Amanda Sette

Andrew Jackson, Delaware State University

Just a guy that loves to watch YouTube a little too much. As well, Coffee is not a thing, it is A WAY OF LIFE. That is all.

Andy Jackson

Anna Coke, University of Kentucky

I’m a senior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles. My main loves in life are cats, coffee, clothes and CollegeFashionista!

Anna Coke

Anna LaPlaca, UCLA

*would rather be in Europe* I’m a third-year student of Italian and Art History. You can probably find me daydreaming about my next adventure or visiting my good friends Matisse and Magritte. Also passionate about vintage shopping and finding a really great #ootd wall.

Anna LaPlaca

Ashley Styers, University of South Carolina

I have watched Titanic over 200 times. I can’t say no to chocolate and I have never met a taco I did not like!

Ashley Styers

Briana Iacia, Pace University

I’m a third year Women’s and Gender Studies major living in NYC. My closet is currently undergoing an evolution from trendy basics to outrageous second-hand pieces. But no matter how many phases my style goes through, I will always love a good pair of distressed jeans.

Briana Iacia

Chastity Heusinger, University of South Florida

I am a travel, nature, coffee, lipstick, and Oxford comma enthusiast. I am obsessed with all things social media as I see the world in photographs, and these platforms help me express this. Basically, call me if you want to go on a spontaneous adventure to a place with cool walls.

Chastity Heusinger

Christine Enriquez, Loyola University Chicago

I’m Christine, and I’m a senior at Loyola University Chicago, studying advertising and public relations. I love coffee, museums, sneakers and Korean food. I never leave the house without my sunglasses, and I have an unhealthy obsession with cake, list making and Asian drama shows.

Christine Enriquez

Clara Livingston, Carleton College

Stand up comedian who happens to ski, take photos and play violin. I laugh too hard and I do too much but that’s how I like it!

Clara Livingston

Courtney Pelot, University of Wisconsin

I’m a spicy food loving Wisconsinite. When I’m not reading tweets and scrolling through Insta photos, you can find me with a book in hand.

Courtney Pelot

Elizabeth Diehl, Temple University

City of brotherly love // studying marketing + business analytics at temple u // aspiring golden retriever owner // avid bruncher // consistently one anthro order away from poverty

Elizabeth Diehl

Emily Lebsock, The Ohio State University

I’m Emily, but some call me Bethie. I love photographing people, eating french fries, reading, planning outfits and dancing awkwardly.

Emily Lebsock

Eva Thomas, University of Minnesota

Hi! My name is Eva, and I’m a fourth year journalism student. I’m so excited to continue my social media journey with CollegeFashionista, where I am able to display my passion for fashion, food and traveling, while attempting to be as cool as Kristie Dash and DJ Khaled.

Eva Thomas

Hannah Bullion, Michigan State University

Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m currently a professional writing major at Michigan State University with a passion for all things fashion. I believe that with a great cup of coffee, the perfect pair of skinny jeans and kindness, you can change the world (or take the next best Instagram photo).

Hannah Bullion

Hayden Flanders, Kent State University

I am a very active and fashion loving blogger! With everything revolving around social media, my life and posts are always shared with the world.

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Holly Reimer, University of Iowa

Complacency results in a lack of living—always up for an adventure and always down for a cup of joe.

Holly Reimer

Janet Morales, Pacific Union College

I am from Portland, Oregon where food carts, plaid, and rain rule the city. My latest obsessions include: cute stationary, pouches and essential oils. Pastries are my weakness.

Janet Morales

Jazzmin Martinez, Humboldt State University

Twenty-something with a serious shopping addiction. Lover of style, coffee and anything out of my price range. In other words, I’m the girl in all black instagramming my latte. #noshame

Jazzmin Martinez

Jonathan McDougle, East Carolina University

To me style is more than an outfit, it’s how you carry yourself existing in your surroundings. Follow me, and see exactly what I mean. Let’s be #RAD.

Jonathan McDougle

Julia Daoud, DePaul University

Hey everyone! My name is Julia Daoud and I am the blogger behind Simply Jules. I’ll be organic source where luxury meets simplicity, minimal meets lifestyle and holistic meets health.

Julia Daoud

Kelsey Cadenas, Savannah College of Art and Design

I love to immerse myself with things and people that inspire me to push the boundaries of style and fashion. When I’m not out shopping for more clothes that don’t fit in my closet, you can always cracking jokes or eating ice cream.

Kelsey Cadenas

Laurise McMillian, University of Baltimore

Yo! I’m a 21-year-old Internet-gold digger and proud supporter of Justin Bieber. Let’s go get wings.

Laurise McMillian

Lexy O’Keefe, Florida State University

Hi! My name is Lexy O’Keefe and I am senior at Florida State University! This year’s New Years Resolution? I will take more selfies, so, stay tuned!

Lexy O'Keefe

Lucy Siyu Liu, Hunter College

I like to mostly portray myself through my personal style and front of a camera lens. My style is 360 degrees but currently I’d choose sneakers over heels any day.

Lucy Siyu Liu

Lyndsay Rinere, Salve Regina University

Total and complete goofball, I am definitely the funniest person I know. I’m obsessed with my dogs, shoes, sunglasses and sarcasm. Black is my favorite color and basically the only color I wear and I will never veer away from it because it’s the chicest color known to man.

Lyndsay E. Rinere

Madeleine Schlosser, Tulane University

I love watching crime shows, exploring the world and dancing while I drive. I can’t wait to share my stylish adventures around New Orleans and wherever else I find myself this semester.

Maddy Schlosser

Maggie Manning, Kent State University

I’m just a crazy and fun loving person ready to take on life’s next adventure. You can find me spending hours in local coffee shops hanging with my friends. I let my social media reflect my fun and outgoing personality! Stay RAD!

Maggie Manning

Masoma Imasogie, University of Pennsylvania

Just a chick who loves fashion and to capture memories through film and photos!

Masoma Imasogie

Meagan Sapashe, University of South Florida

I’m a creative soul always on the look out for inspiration. I have a thing for chai tea, Instagram feeds and Nick Jonas.

Meagan Sapashe

Meg Gegler, Providence College

My name is Meg and I am a senior at Providence College in Rhode Island. This semester I will be both a Style Guru as well as a Social Media Intern for CollegeFashionista. With it being my last semester with CF, I’m ready to make this one the raddest yet! Follow me on Instagram for my social media updates and donut pictures.

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Mia Amaranto, Western Washington University

Hello! My name is Mia Amaranto and I enjoy spending afternoons in cute coffee shops, r&b throwbacks and powdered sugar donuts. I was also born and raised in the Philippines so my heart belongs to wherever there’s good Filipino food, sun, sand and water.

Mia Amaranto

Mikaela Deladisma, New York University

I’m a lover of fashion, adventure and a good slice of pizza. I can be found window shopping in SoHo between classes and brunching on the weekends. I fell in love with London while studying abroad last semester, but I’m so excited to be back in New York City!

Mikaela Deladisma

Nicole Macharacek, Ryerson University

An eager, driven, self-motivated fashionista with an unhealthy addiction to online shopping. Look to me for all things fashion, beauty and trends!

Nicole Mack

Rinette Bondoc, The Art Institute of California-Silicon Valley

Family and fashion are my life. Netflix is a very close second. Shopping, SnapChat and traveling are next.

Rinette Bondoc

Sam Yohannes, Ryerson University

I’m a 20-year-old journalism student and Ethiopian-Torontonian with an undying love for symmetry and whimsy. My leisure pursuits of choice are snapping photos of interesting strangers and natural landscapes, as well as learning people’s stories. I hope to someday travel all through North and Sub-Saharan Africa. I look forward to spending another semester feeding those interests. Let’s be friends!

Sam Yohannes

Shea Renusch, Oberlin College

My name is Shea, and I am a studio art major in my senior year at Oberlin College. I cannot believe this is my seventh and last semester with CollegeFashionista, and I am looking forward to sharing it through social media. I make art, outfits and self-deprecating comments—all three of which can be found on my Instagram.

Shea Renusch

Shelcy Joseph, Hunter College

I am very creative, adventurous and outgoing. I love fashion, art, literature and wine. During my free time, if I am not reading or blogging, I like to wander through unknown places in the city, try out new restaurants, visit art galleries and museums, engage in conversations with new people and capture moments with my camera. I am always on the lookout for inspiration and New York City abounds with that.

Shelcy Joseph

Sofia Rodriguez, Florida State University

Hi’ya I’m Sof, a senior at Florida State. I enjoy photography, thunderstorms, sunsets, poetry, secrets and long walks to the fridge.

Sofia Rodriguez

Tracy Pacana, Oregon State University

I am a New Media Communication and Pre-Med student at Oregon State University with a passion for videography, people and corgi puppies!

Tracy Pacana

Valerie Cammack, Kent State University

I’m a sophomore fashion merchandising major who loves constantly being surrounded by others who are just as passionate about fashion as I am. Whether it’s at school or through the #RAD CollegeFashionista network I’m always seeking to learn and be inspired. My weaknesses include coffee (I’ll have a dirty chai please), Instagram and spending copious amounts of time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Valerie Cammack