What a Makeup Break Can Do for Your Skin and Confidence

August 28th, 2017 at 2:00am

As someone who has struggled with their skin for several consecutive years, it is a rare sight to see me, confidently, without makeup. Wearing makeup every day can get tiring and I have longed for the day to leave the house with clear and confident skin. I tested a theory on what a makeup break can do for my skin. The whole month of June I drank water, worked out, and stopped eating late to help clear up my skin. By the time July came around, I was ready to live a makeup free week.

Day One

My boyfriend took me out for our anniversary so of course, I was nervous about being out in public, bare face. I could not resist brushing through my eyebrows and putting on a nude lip, but I washed my face as soon as I returned home. My nighttime routine is to wash with Burt’s Bees facial cleanser, tone with Thayers, and use a CeraVe night cream. I also add Mario Badescu drying lotion to any blemishes.

Day Two

Fourth of July—it was hard for me to back off festive makeup, so I had a slight red lip for most of the day. Showering, I used my Cetaphil face wash and moisturized with Garnier afterward. I went bare and felt comfortable surrounded by friends and family and finished out the day with my typical nighttime routine.

Day Three

This was an easy day for me because I didn’t have to leave my house. I washed with Burt’s Bees in the morning per usual and later decided to do a charcoal face mask. Masks are a great way to brighten and clear up skin without makeup, and they leave you feeling incredibly fresh afterward.

Day Four

On this particular day, I did have to go to work. I like to feel confident while talking to customers, which is hard to do with a face full of acne. Luckily for me, my skin was not looking too shabby. The day went better than expected; I think my skin was enjoying the break.

Day Five

On this day, I watched a lot of YouTube videos as I was starting to miss the feeling of makeup and how beautiful it truly was. Going makeup free made me realize I didn’t need all that, even if only for a few days. I saved so much time getting ready for work and was able to sleep in.

Makeup is just an add on and not a necessity, especially in summer. Giving your skin time to relax is key to clearing it up. Every girlboss knows confidence is skin deep and makeup on the surface only enhances the beauty you already own. Although I drank plenty of water and did a continuous workout routine, I also take a regular birth control pill that, in combination with other products, may have helped clear my skin. This may or may not work for everyone, but is another option.

What are your best acne fighting secrets? Post them in the comments below!


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