Make Your Mood Board More Like You This Semester

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mood board, also known as an inspiration board, is essential to many college majors. Some majors that use mood boards are fashion merchandising, fashion design, and graphic design. They are intended to show the inspiration and thought process of brainstorming. This kind of board is like a pen and paper brainstorming session that turns into a beautiful and visual representation (full of lots of pictures) of the inspiration behind a project.

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PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

Most of the time, making a mood board is dreaded among fashion majors. These projects are usually done on complicated computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Focusing on the audience rather than the purpose of the mood board is a 180-degree turn from what the focus of mood boards is supposed to be.

Your inspiration board does not have to be some huge fancy piece of artwork unless you want to. If you are still learning how to use Adobe InDesign, try using Canva for your inspiration boards for now.

Most of all, your inspiration board should represent you. Be selfish on your mood boards. This is all about you. And finally, do not let your mood board take over you. Most of the time mood boards are only a tiny aspect of a big final project. Then, the rest of your project will probably be difficult.

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PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

Mood boards are meant to show off your thought process in a visual way. Show off what inspires you. Mood boards serve as stepping stones and keep you focused on what inspired you on this project.

What are some ideas and ways you make your mood board authentic to you? Comment below!  

Featured photo by Jordan Wissert.