How to Make Denim-on-Denim Look on Point

How to Make Denim-on-Denim Look on Point

We’re all fans of denim without a doubt. Let’s be honest: there’s always something made of jeans sitting in our closets. Most would consider it a fashion essential. That’s because this versatile material fits right at home with any style and truly is the people’s fabric.

Denim can go with anything, but when paired together, it can be equally as tricky as it is trendy. The decision to double up on this material can be hard. But I’m with the opinion that twice the denim can be twice as good for your outfit, especially when you’re going for a casual and comfortable look!

So then how does one move in the direction of denim-on-denim the right way?

First off, this outfit doubles up on worn, light blue denim, with both the jacket and jeans’ cuffs rolled. I feel that the softer, baby blue color pairs well with the summer season and naturally brightens up any outfit.

With an open jacket, a light tone shirt, or blouse can add another dimension of color without disrupting the denim. Furthermore, I’m a fan of all things camouflage and I think the washed-out camo shirt makes an excellent bottom layer. It does a great job of emphasizing the relaxed, cool sense this look has to offer.

I’m all about accents too. This outfit incorporates pops of colors, such as the purple-tinted sunglasses, all white slip-ons, and the cute patches located on different parts of the jacket. Although jewelry is absent here, earrings and bracelets are always reliable accents that you can use throughout this look. With accents like these, your outfit can pop in the right places, again, without taking away attention from the real star here.

Although lighter weight clothing usually accompanies warmer seasons, double denim outfits like this one can work for when the temperature cools down or when you’re hanging out. Whatever the reason, remember that a denim-on-denim outfit can work for anybody or any season. It can be done up and completed with the right accents.

What are your go-to ways to wear denim? Let me know in the comments below!