LOVE IT OR HATE IT—Sweatshirts

For so long I reserved sweatshirts for 1) sick days or 2) obligatory moments of school spirit. In fact after college, I had all my sweatshirts made into a quilt, figuring as a “grown-up” there was no longer room for such casualwear in my wardrobe. After all, I was an adult now working in fashion. Bring on the stilettos and copious amounts of black!

Flash-forward a few years and my attitude towards a lot things have changed. Turns out actually wearing heels every day is terrible for your back. And sweatshirts can actually be worn outside of your apartment without feeling like a total slob. (Major life lessons—I know!)


For the past few seasons, sweatshirts seem to be the thing to wear in fashion (thank you, athleisure!). Designer hoodies? Crewnecks at fashion week? Who would have thought! While Anna Wintour stands firm on her “no sweats” stance, this is one time I have to disagree with her royal highness.

Turns out this practical garment is practically my favorite thing to wear 24/7. Not having to change after SoulCycle on my way to brunch is literally the best thing ever. What happens when it’s freezing but I still want to wear a leather skirt for girls night out? There’s a crewneck for that. And obviously, when I am on my couch binge watching Making a Murderer—hello, full-on sweatsuit! In fact, as I write this article from the confines of my office, I am totally unintentionally sporting a sweatshirt. Casual Friday? More like casual every day!


The sweatshirt especially gets a bad rap for college students. The whole idea of wearing “sweats to class” is often seen as a last ditch effort to not miss your 8 a.m. lecture for the millionth time. But just because your comfort level is off the charts, doesn’t mean you actually “woke up like this.” A truly chic sweatshirt look takes more thought than pressing the snooze button.

So sorry Anna, my mom and anyone else who thinks my sweatshirt collection means I have given up on my affinity for fashion. The love is definitely still there. For now, we are just in a casual relationship, I suppose.

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