WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School Chill

Winter break has come to an end and it is time to go inside your wardrobe and change out of those baggy and comfortable clothes you have probably been wearing your whole break. With the crazy weather Chicago has been showing, it has been pretty hard to pick an outfit to display. People decide to cover themselves up and stay warm, causing them to not show their outfit off. Perhaps some even just decide to wear their comfortable and baggy clothes like they did in winter break to further prolong the feeling of being relaxed. Whatever it may be, it can sometimes be hard to recuperate and build up the motivation to dress up.

This specific Fashionisto has not allowed the cold weather to stop him from dressing up though! This Fashionisto is wearing some black leather shoes along with his dark blue jeans. He goes for a relaxed and casual look that allows him to totally embrace the winter season. Puffy jackets have a reputation of making you look bigger than you actually do, but he pulls it off by wearing a grey fleece hoodie under his jacket. Staying warm and looking fashionable at its finest!

This Fashionisto’s sense of wardrobe choice was great, but one thing I would to make it look even better is add some accessories. These accessories can include a small silver watch, a belt, or even a necklace. However, the glasses this Fashionisto is wearing already completes the outfit alone!

Even with the cold weather, you can still be warm, comfortable, and look stunning just like this Fashionisto was able to do. As always, be you and embrace the genuine fashion you have!