LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS—15 Inspiring Fashionistos

This week at CollegeFashionista we are all about the fellas and their fashions, insights and more! Whether you are a Fashionisto yourself or are inspired by the dapper dude in your life, join us and LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS.

To kick-off this super #RAD week all about the guys, check out our top 15 favorite Fashionisto looks that prove when it comes to fashion, it is not just a girl’s world.

1. Solema061115

2. Shropshire040315-2

3. Pelaez061515

4. Pagsanjan041715

5. Medgaus040215

6. Mathias021715

7. Liu032515

8. Larkins062215

9. Jackson052615-2

10. Haebich043015-2

11. Gomez060115

12. Flanders042015-2

13. Bunton0324151

14. Amaranto052715

15. Yohannes092614

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