Jump Into the New Year

August 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

Jump right into the new school year with the perfect outfit—a jumpsuit.

Since spending my summer in South Carolina, I have found the cutest little boutique that shares my love for simple but stylish looks. There I found the perfect jumpsuit to jumpstart me right into the new year, and here I have shown you where you can find your perfect jumpsuit attire!

Start your new year perfecting your look. A jumpsuit is the best way to feel both stylish and comfortable while tackling the many duties us college students have. Having a successful school year is all about being you and feeling comfortable in your fashion. Find a jumpsuit that has a bit of flair, not just solid colors. By having a jumpsuit that has designs, you can dress it up with accessories to make it stand out even more.

Start With a Fabulous Jumpsuit

Look for patterns, prints, and a pop! These words are what you should live by when picking out your jumpsuit. Jumpsuits come in many styles and fabrics so getting more than one is totally okay and to me, highly recommended.

Choker Necklace

Neutrals will always be my favorite color scheme. Add to your fashion favorite look by adding a neutral colored choker. Though it will not pop by color it will pop by style. If you find a long choker, double it up and make a bow. This will allow for a more eye-catching accessory.

Group Bracelets

Now, tie together the entire outfit by adding the pop—grouping bracelets. Pick your favorite colors from your patterned jumpsuit and find beaded bracelets like are the same color. For my semester jumpsuit look, I decided to bring out the brightest colors since I chose neutral for my other accessories.

Small Wallet

To minimize the heavy tote bags while also lugging around a backpack, invest in a condensed size wallet. Not only can you store in away in your backpack when not in use but it will be even better if you are going out to dinner with friends. Toting a small wallet will also help with your organization because everything is all in one place.

Finally, how will you jump into the new school year? Share your look in the comment box below!