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So You've Landed an Internship, Now What?

May 11th, 2017 at 2:00am

For the past few months you’ve spent every free moment researching, applying, DMing, and hustling to land the internship of your dreams. After spending more time than you care to admit perfecting your interview look and practicing your answers to questions, you got the email you had been hoping for with “Congrats” in the headline.

So after immediately calling your mom to tell her the good news and celebrating with your roommates, the reality sets in. OMG I’m going to be interning for [fill in the enviable company name] and I have no idea what I’m really doing.

If you’re anything like me, you want to put your all into everything you do, including your internship. This means being overly prepared, probably overthinking your outfit choices (again), and certainly doing as much research as you possibly can.

So what can do now to be the internship superstar you’ve been waiting your entire life to be? Follow these seven rules and you might surprise yourself.

1—Learn your industry

Nothing is worse than not knowing your industry. Spend time getting to know specifics, forming opinions, and knowing who the leaders are. (Photo by @geowollner)

2—Get organized

This goes hand and hand with knowing your industry. Being organized helps you get prepared. Buy some cute office supplies and reasonable walking shoes—both will come in handy more than you can possibly know. (Photo by @daniellenwefo)

3—Be prepared

Make sure you come prepared. If you show up to your internship on the first day without your laptop, writing utensil, or planner, I’m a little nervous for you. (Photo by @taylorknoxx)

4—Dress the part

When researching your industry, look at what to wear. Showing up in jeans may not be acceptable for certain internships, so do your research and dress the part. (Photo by @bellsxwhistles)

5—Practice the commute

Being late is the absolute worst. Being late on your first day is unacceptable. Make sure you practice the commute so you show up with a few minutes to spare. Worst case you spend that extra time finding your new go-to coffee shop. (Photo by @threadedco)

6—Set Goals

Set goals for your internship. Maybe there are specific things you want to learn, people you want to meet, or ideas you want to pitch. Write them down to keep yourself in check. (Photo by @sarahgargano29)


Lastly, remember you’re interning to not only learn from the people around you, but to make connections with your fellow interns. Ask your internship supervisor for the email addresses of your other interns so you can connect prior to your first day. (Photo by @thatchiclex)

What are you doing to prepare for your internship? Let us know in the comments below!