Inspiration for Stylish Summer Outfits

Summer is upon us…and the heat is rising. Dressing for summer is so much easier—in that you don’t have to wear layers upon layers, or beanies, or scarfs. However, summer in Florida makes me want to walk around in a bikini all day, every day! Stylish summer outfits can be a little tricky as everything feels too heavy or sticks to you within five minutes of being outside. However, with just the smallest of styling details, your summer outfit can be both stylish and cool for comfort.

My go-to look for the summer is a pair of daisy dukes and a tank top. For those days where you want to style up your look a little more, you can pair your favorite Daisy Dukes with a thin bodysuit for lightweight comfort. Keep in mind, when choosing a bodysuit for the summer, aim for a light, airy fabric and vibrant color. To spice up your outfit, you could add a fringe vest and a wide-brimmed hat to shade from the sun. (The bigger the hat, the cooler you’ll be for the day). To top off the look, grab a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and retro-inspired earrings. These couple of accessories can make a simple outfit go a long way.

For a day that doesn’t feel like a heatwave has completely flown over Florida, you could opt for a pair of loose jeans. My favorite go-to jeans are always ripped, to let in a breeze with the heat. My suggestion is pairing said-jean style with a simple off-the-shoulder top and heeled sandals. For the summer, minimal accessories and simplicity in outfits are key. Also, for summer, I tend to stray away from dark and pastel colors such as black, grey, purple, and baby pink, and opt for bright and neutral colors instead.

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