The Impact of Accessories: From Casual to Glamorous

June 30th, 2017 at 2:00am

During the summer time, I always find myself wanting to look like I put a lot of effort into my outfit. Even when I wear casual clothes, I try to elevate it by using accessories which results in a totally different take on a normal outfit. A striped T-shirt is an item that everyone should have in their closet. Today, I paired my basic striped T-shirt with ripped jeans. Rather than keeping the outfit looking just like this, I decided to make it look more dressy.

By adding accessories like a statement necklace, wallet, watch, and sunglasses, this look has transformed from looking casual to sophisticated. In addition to all of these accessories, I rolled up the jeans to show off my ankles! Rolling the jeans up elevated the whole look and created more emphasis on the sandals. If you wanted to glam the outfit even more, I suggest wearing heels instead of sandals. Also, it looks like I put so much effort into the outfit but in reality, I just rolled up my jeans and added some cute accessories.

Let’s take a closer look at the accessories. In order to dress up the simple shirt, I wore a statement necklace. Not only does it make the outfit look glamorous, it also immediately captures people’s attention. In addition, I added a watch and a wallet. The solid forest green wallet contrasts with the striped pattern of my shirt. Also, the wallet and watch further dress up the entire outfit since they add a classy feeling overall.

Both comfortable and stylish, this look offers a polished and put together vibe. I hope my tips help all of you Fashionistas!

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  • Umaiya Rajpar

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