How to Seamlessly Work Black Into Your Summer Style

How to Seamlessly Work Black Into Your Summer Style
Spring and summer come with a shower of floral prints, pastel shades, and sunny hues. The outfits dipped in pale pink and bubbly blue feel so refreshing, airy, and uplifting. The floral embroidery and bright colors exude excitement and happiness. Even though I love the clothes during this time of year, I am continually drawn to the darker pieces in my wardrobe, which might seem to clash with the aesthetic of the season. So, what can those of us who love black do to continue donning our favorite color but also avoid remaining stuck in the dreary tones of winter? Fortunately, there are several ways that black and typically spring and summer styles can be seamlessly combined.
Wear a Black Belt With a Summer Dress

PHOTO: Katilyn Perry, Kenyon College

Add a Bold Black Accessory to a Light Floral Frock

A bold, black belt worn over a light-colored dress creates a strong contrast that works flawlessly. Another type of accessory, including a handbag or statement piece of jewelry, could be worn instead to add a striking touch of black.
Wear Black Pants With a Bright White Shirt for Summer

PHOTO: Morgan Daniel, Savannah College of Art and Design

Balance Black Shoes and Pants With a White Top

Donning black pants and shoes with a bright, lightweight shirt lets you wear almost all black but with a burst of freshness, making the outfit ready for warmer weather.
Wear a Bright Top With a Black Skirt for a Summer Outfit

PHOTO: Sydney Helphenstine, Marymount University

Marry Black Bottoms With a Colorful Shirt

Create a balance of shades with a light color on top and black on the bottom (or vice versa). The combination of the yellow shirt and black skirt forms the perfect blend of colors.
Wear Bright Shoes With a Black Dress for Summer

PHOTO: Naomi Parris, School of Visual Arts

Contrast a Black Dress With a Bright Pop of Color on Your Feet

This pair of blue booties worn with a black short-sleeve dress adds a chic and unexpected pop. Any pastel or bright pair of shoes can bring just the right amount of color to an otherwise dark ensemble.
Wear a Thin Black Belt and Shoes With a Colorful Outfit For Summer

PHOTO: Ninah Caquias, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Incorporate Black With a Subtle Print

Fuse dark hues into your spring or summer outfit without overwhelming the ensemble by bringing in bits of black. These polka-dotted pants, thin belt, and platform sneakers are subtle accents that add the perfect amount of color for a more understated look.
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Opening image by Chloe Felopulos.