Here's How to Wear the Baker Boy Cap

February 7th, 2018 at 1:05am
Here's How to Wear the Baker Boy Cap

It’s no secret that hats are currently trending, and leading the way is the baker boy cap, which has taken over the feeds of Instagrammers near and far. Why? It’s versatility, for one thing. Whether you’re heading to class, an internship, or just hitting the town with your BFFs,  incorporating this on-trend hat adds an instant cool factor to even the most basic look. Here are a few ideas on how to style the baker boy cap into your next #OOTD, plus where to shop it. You’ll look like a blogger on a mission in no time.

Go Full-On Nostalgia With 90s-Inspired Pieces

There’s a reason you’re seeing those leather baker boy caps everywhere. They go perfectly with other retro-inspired pieces like a faux-fur coat and rocker-inspired staples. Add a leather belt and studded boots for a look even a ’90s supermodel would love.

Dress Up a Basic T-Shirt and Jeans

Adding a fisherman’s cap to your everyday T-shirtandjeans combo is a cool upgrade that’s as ready for a study session as it is brunch with your friends. Finishing off the look with a patterned blazer shows you mean business, too.

Keep It Cozy With a Sweater and Jeans

While waiting for the weather to break, add a cap to a super-comfy look. It will help keep your hair in place while campus is still windy, and it amps up even the warmest sweater, distressed jeans and booties getup.

Add a Pop of Color to a Monochrome #OOTD

Some days, and especially after long nights studying or staying out late with the crew, you need a no-brainer look. Don’t be afraid to let a fisherman’s cap and a pair of classic sunglasses be those extra pieces that makes even the simplest casual turtleneck, cardigan and jeans feel intentional.

Velvet dress and purple cap

PHOTO: @lea.muhigi

Make It Formal With a Fancy Dress and Heels

Going to dinner with the girls or on a first date? Pair your cap with a velvet dress and some strappy heels. Keeping your color tones consistent will make the look feel totally smart—and did we mention stunning?

power suit, sunglasses and fisherman's cap

PHOTO: @mmoor

Make It Internship-Ready With a Smart Suit

Got a gig this spring where you can sharpen your skills and show off your style? Pairing a baker boy cap with a DIY suit allows you to maintain your individual style while remaining office-appropriate.

How are you styling your baker boy cap? Share your best looks with us by tagging @cfashionista on in your #OOTD on Instagram!

Featured photo by @gisele_milan.