How to Transition Seasons with the Perfect DIY

How to Transition Seasons with the Perfect DIY

I love the transition from winter to spring. Away with those heavy winter jackets and on goes that cute trench that has been tucked away for months. One downside, however, is that favourite winter pieces are often abandoned until nine months later when they are “appropriate” again. The key to up-cycling winter items for spring, such as scarves, is creativity. A simple DIY project can transform literally anything into everything.

I chose a large, square scarf as my transition piece. For my winter look, I played around with layers of different texture, from the white cotton dress shirt and gray knit blazer, to the wool coat and silk scarf. This look is warm and cozy without being overly bulky. I kept the bottom light with a pair of business shorts, tights and some comfortable booties. The loud pattern of the scarf adds a pop of colour to the outfit and gives it a touch of personality.

To incorporate the scarf into springtime outfits, I completely ditched its original function and transformed it into more of a statement piece. I created a casual look and a formal look using essentially the same DIY technique.

For my casual day look, I pulled the scarf at two random corners, and tied it just above my left hip. This creates a jagged edge to the skirt. I paired this colourful skirt with a simple, white T-shirt. To balance out the feminine colours and shapes of the bottom, I added a classic leather jacket and some black combat boots. This look emphasizes the mixture between cute and edgy, and the neutral colours of the rest of the outfit balance out the bright pattern perfectly.

My formal night look made use of the same square scarf in a completely different way. I first tied it behind my neck to create a halter, then worked my way down my back, tying three more knots where they were needed. I adjusted the placement of the knots so that they complemented my body shape, cinching in at my waist and my calves. I created this dress to be midi length but you can adjust the length to your liking by tying it differently or choosing a different size scarf. I paired it with some silver bangles and a pair of nude heels to keep the focus on the busy print, and the drapiness of the material kept the look classy.

I hope my looks gave you some ideas on how to turn winter items into transitional pieces. And let’s always remember that a scarf doesn’t have to be just a scarf.