How To Properly “Netflix and Chill”

So often people assume that Netflix is just a lazy person’s fallback to not making actual plans. But as anyone who has counted down to the release of their favorite show can attest, Netflix binging is not a default, but something you actively plan to do.

Making sure you are ready for hours on hours (on hours) of a show takes preparation. Snacks must be purchased. Attire (or lack thereof) carefully planned. Reliable WiFi in check. These are legitimate concerns, people.

With Netflix releasing season four of “House of Cards” today, you can pretty much guess what my weekend will entail. But whether you are dying to know what will become of Frank and Claire Underwood, still taking in “Fuller House,” or find yourself diving into a “Suggested For You” series, there are certain consistents when it comes to properly Netflixing.

Here are our tips on how to properly “Netflix and chill.”

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Location, location, location

Are you a lay in bed with your laptop watcher? Or a cozy-up in front of the big screen binger? No matter your preference, make sure you have at least a throw blanket and a few pillows to get comfy.

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What to wear

Who wants to sit for 12 hours in skinny jeans? No one. Ever. This is no time to wear actual clothing. Throw on a comfy thermal. Ditch those contacts for some actual eyeglasses. And pants (if you so choose to wear them) should be of the sweatpant variety.

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Check in (and out) with friends

There is nothing that will ruin your binge-session than getting 75 percent of the way through a season, only to have it ruined by a group message or spoiler Facebook post. So before you start, get tabs on who is and isn’t watching and pace yourself along with your besties. And—no matter what you do—do not go on Facebook or risk having that random kid from your high school biology class ruin everything.

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Like with training for any marathon, having the proper food to fuel your journey ahead is key. Load up on delicious yet easy to grab snacks (because who wants to pause to actually clean-up?). As for your actual meals, clearly pizza is the only option. Plus, when it arrives, you can make sure you get in some human contact with the delivery person before diving back into episode seven.

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Choose your company

If you actually do decide to make your Netflix and chill session a group endeavor, pick your company wisely. As much as you may love your chatty BFF every other day of the year, today is not the day to answer questions or have her dive into her theories on the Taylor Swift-Kanye West feud. Our suggestion? Keep your viewing partner to the four-legged variety for the perfect companion every time.

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Now sit back, relax and (Netflix and) chill. (And then audibly freak out about all the twists and turns you totally didn’t see coming.)

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