13 Ways to Deal With Stress at Your Internship

February 20th, 2018 at 2:00am
13 Ways to Deal With Stress at Your Internship

It doesn’t matter where you work: Stress is bound to happen. Whether you have the best internship ever or your absolute dream career, no job is safe from overwhelming days and unending lists of tasks. And while some are able to brush off anxious thoughts and tackle big workloads without a problem, many others are left stressed to the max with no end in sight. If you’re in this boat, don’t panic. While it’s easy to let office problems take over your mind, there are tons of simple solutions to help you take on the day and give you relief in the midst of the madness. Read on for 13 easy ways to deal with stress at work and bring some good vibes into your life.

  • Make yourself an upbeat playlist: According to Psych Central, listening to music has a relaxing effect on our minds. Put on your headphones, crank up your favorite motivational tunes, and let the music destress you.
  • Grab your BFFS for a lunch run: Reader’s Digest says that having friends keeps us healthier and reduces our stress levels. Opening up to your besties regularly can help you process your emotions and get a different perspective on a situation to better help you cope. Can’t meet up with friends on the job? Try giving them a five-minute call to unwind.
  • Say no: We all know when we’ve hit our limit, so Harvard Business Review says that you should be “honest and up front” if you don’t have the capacity to take on another project. Learning how to respectfully say no when too much is being asked of you can help lighten your load (and any overwhelming feelings).
  • Go for a walk on your break: According to WebMD, exercise is good for reducing stress by triggering a positive feeling in the body. Getting out of the office on your break to walk around will help you shake off negative thoughts throughout the day.
  • Indulge a little: According to Everyday Health, dark chocolate can blunt the body’s response to brain signals of stress. Break out these healthy sweets during a long, stressful day to help you chill.
  • Hit the gym: Exercise releases stress-reducing endorphins that can “distract you from daily worries,” according to Mayo Clinic. Take out your frustrations after hours with some physical activity to work out any anxiety that’s built up throughout the day.
  • Be honest with your manager: The American Psychological Association suggests that one way to deal with stress at work is to be open with your boss so that they can help you come up with a plan to manage whatever is overwhelming you. If they’re throwing huge projects your way that you don’t feel you can accomplish alongside your daily job duties, it’s best to let them know so that you can both figure out an effective way to tackle your workload.
  • Plan out your day: Forbes says that one way to manage stress is to prepare for interruptions by setting times to do specific tasks. Scheduling blocks of the day to work on a big project can help you get more done and ignore the distractions of office life.
  • Confide in co-workers: According to Health Guide, creating a support system with your co-workers can make office troubles easier to manage. Your colleagues know better than anyone the stress you’re experiencing on the job, so venting every now and again can provide relief.
  • Get your rest: Skipping out on the proper amount of sleep “interferes with daytime productivity, creative problem solving, and ability to focus,” according to Help Guide. Feel more mentally alert and combat the stress you experience throughout your day just by getting your eight hours.
  • Smile more: According to Smithsonian Magazine, studies have shown that the action of forming a “Duchenne smile” (also called a genuine smile) may reduce the stress-related hormone known as cortisol. Even when you don’t feel like it, a big grin has the potential make the day go by a little easier.
  • Leave the house earlier: Masis Staffing Solutions suggests that being “the early bird” at the office can reduce your work stress. Running late adds unneeded stress to your commute and a rough start to your work day, so try leaving the house five to 10 minutes before normal to get a head start on your tasks.
  • Take a deep breath: According to Well + Good, “Any time you give your mind something to focus on that the body is doing, it helps [it] quiet down.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop what you’re doing and think about your breath by counting every exhale from one to 10.

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