Is This One Thing Holding You Back From Reaching Your Potential?

Schedules and habits are great because they invite structure in our lives. But they also create a comfort zone that we too often settle into.

We’re all so mentally engrossed in the normality of things, that the fear of change and slight opportunity of failure weigh heavily on the decisions we make everyday. The uncertainties of life have a way of confining our destiny and potential. We run away from new, foreign territory because it terrifies us, and instead slide effortlessly in the familiarity of our comfort zones. Not anymore.

Stop settling for mediocre. Push your boundaries, break away from your routines, and begin accepting life at its fullest extent. You never know the magical things that can happen if you broad your perspective and open the door to possibilities.

Whether it is in your everyday life, your career goals, or just for personal growth, here’s how to once and for all get out of your comfort zone.

1—SET GOALS. Don’t try to tackle your biggest fears all at once. Compile a set of goals to strive towards each semester and test the waters. If the bar was set too high and you fell short, don’t give up. Just break each task into something more manageable and try again. (Photo via @kierraxmakayla)

2—OPEN YOUR MIND. Take a minute to smell the roses, and carve out a section of your day for exploring new ideas. Disconnect from Netflix and open a book. Network with someone that intrigues you outside of your circle. Try a not-so-basic trend that has always intimidated you. Find yourself. College is a perfect time to branch out and take advantage of something new everyday. Newsflash: curiosity did not kill the cat. Stop overthinking and get lost in the moment. You are bound to grow and surprise yourself in the process. (Photo via @sarahgargano29)

3—BE CONFIDENT. Remember you’re a girl boss. When the going gets tough, it’s ok to be nervous and second guess yourself, but never let it keep you from moving forward. Just repeat to yourself that no matter what happens, you can deal with it. Life goes on. (Photo via @biancacanales)

4—LEAN ON YOUR GURU GANG. The people you surround yourself with are gateways to new adventures, so don’t be afraid to expand your social squad and embrace the unusual opportunities that reveal themselves along the way. Finding a safety net support group that encourages you to be the best version of yourself can always make the toughest times a little sweeter. (Photo via @mmoor)

5—FACE YOUR FEARS. Find your strengths, now do the opposite. Sure people have different talents and attributes, but don’t let that limit the types of experiences you expose yourself to. Culture yourself and get comfortable in your uncomfortable. The more you wade outside your comfort zone the easier it becomes. (Photo via @gretchen_reese)

Breaking out of your shell can be risky, but ultimately, it’s what life is about. Venture and you’ll see.

Have you ever had any revelations when you broke free from your comfort zone? We’d love to hear it! Tell us your story in the comments below!