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Here's Exactly How To Wear Your Fur Coat Differently Every Day This Week

January 30th, 2017 at 2:00am

Wearing fur can feel a bit dramatic on a daily basis—but, that’s not a bad thing in my opinion. I have been seeing faux fur looks popping up on campus on a more regular basis; turning the trend once reserved for special occasions into a more casual look.

I have one faux fur jacket that’s my go-to: it’s neutral and warm, and it was very on sale last year when I got at the end of the season. Investing in one statement jacket like this gives you the opportunity to play with your outfits—you can reinvent it with every sweater, skirt, or pair of jeans. I have put together five looks for five days on campus; mix and match with your own wardrobe to make your faux fur work for you.


Mondays are tough, trying to sport a fur jacket when all you want is a sweatshirt and a large coffee is even tougher. Luckily, athleisurewear is always improving their designs. Both adidas and Nike make comfortable and extremely stylish sweatshirts that can work perfectly with your faux fur. I’ve paired mine here with some sneakers, relaxed Topshop jeans, and a warm scarf.


Channel classic French style to take on Tuesday. Dresses always work well under faux fur; this one is striped and monochrome, which balances the flashiness of the jacket. Berets are back big time—it’ll cap off your faux fur look perfectly.


For a calm, cool, and collected outfit, take out your best turtleneck to layer under your jacket. Turtlenecks are always a great contrast to a fur jacket and they are the epitome of comfort. The black boots and jeans lets the jacket stand out—the sunglasses are just some added drama and you know, eye protection from the winter sun.


Faux fur and pink are a very cute combination—it’s both soft and elegant. To toughen up the look, I added chunky leather boots and a baseball cap. The corduroy skirt adds texture to the pink look; I always pair mine with thigh-high socks for added detail.


In my opinion, it’s always best to go all out for Friday. While this may not be the look to wear on a night out, this midi length and sparkly skirt is sure to put you in the mood for the weekend. I grabbed those chunky boots again, added purse to match the jacket, and a green sweater to cap off the look.

Faux fur is incredibly wearable while being a fun statement—it can be worn however you want it to be worn! Whether sporting it with athleisure pieces or matching the drama with flashy dresses or skirts, be daring on campus with this warm winter must-have.