Hello Sunshine, Summer, and Swimsuits

The universal “first signs of summer” usually go something like this: pink lemonade, flip flops, and trendy swimsuits. While everyone else is burning their textbooks, I’m too busy shopping for the latest summer trends from my favorite bloggers. Searching for a new swimsuit is a seemingly daunting task; however, this summer’s trends of halter tops, high-waisted bottoms, and bright accessories practically have me booking my plane ticket to Florida.

As someone who wants to make a statement at the beach, high-waisted bottoms and a halter top are definitely one of my favorite looks this summer. For those of you who think they will feel like saggy pants when wet, do not fear! Instead, these bottoms are flattering, as they cover up the area I’m most self-conscious of—my stomach. Additionally, the halter is great for those of us with the fear of losing our top to the violent waves. Rather than baking on the hot sand and just wishing to take a dip in the water, I can now swim among the waves like a graceful mermaid without the fear of being topless.

Don’t forget to have fun with your look and use some accessories to make it your own. By adding a floppy hat that says “Hello Sunshine,” it not only keeps away the sun but also the impending sunburn on my nose. This hat adds a cute touch of personality, as you can search for one with a saying that speaks to you! If you don’t like hats on the beach, then sunglasses are a perfect way to keep out the sun and continue with the fun. My blue tinted sunglasses reflect the ocean as well as my favorite color so they are always a staple for me on the beach. These sunglasses can be found in a range of colors from blues to yellows and pinks, so pick the one that complements your outfit.

Bright tasseled shoes are also big this summer, so don’t be afraid to throw some in with your swimwear look! By channeling the tassel trend through shoes, earrings, or a cute clutch, anyone can rock this trend that symbolizes the happiness of summer.

Summer is a time full of fun adventures so don’t be afraid to do a little exploring, a little swimming, and of course, a little tanning. Weird tan lines here we come!

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