5 Scary Movies to Stream on Halloween If You're Fashion Obsessed

October 31st, 2017 at 1:07am
beetlejuice gif

Ready for a spook but also looking for a little visual inspiration?  Since we’ve been blessed with so many iconic films with fashion to die for, here’s a quick list of some of my favorite Halloween movies that are also a sartorial delight. Are you ready for a good fashion scare? Read on if you dare.


the craft

If witchy vibes and magic are your thing, then The Craft’s for you. The 90s film centers around a high school newcomer who slowly becomes friends with a trio of outcasts who practice witchcraft, casting spells and curses on those who cross them. But the real show stopper of this film is the grunge fashion, including a heavy dose of chokers, pleated plaid shirts, and slip dresses. The Craft is basically an excuse live out your goth fantasies.




If you’ve never seen Beetlejuice, stop what you’re doing and go watch it now. While the movie revolves around a deceased couple who become ghosts in their own home, channeling a spirit named Beetlejuice to spook their new tenants, Winona Ryder’s charter Lydia Deetz is why fashion fiends love this film. From her schoolgirl chic petticoats to her iconic lace looks, Winona’s style is eternal #HalloweenGoals.


edward scissorhands

This fairytale holds a special place in my heart. The title character Edward Scissorhands, played by Johnny Depp, is an experiment of a scientist who builds him but dies before he can finish making his hands. With its vintage-mod and pastel suburban aesthetic—think bold colored pantsuits, printed a-line dresses, big jewelry, and retro hair, the film is a costume lover’s dream.


i know what you did last summer

Besides having an all-star cast, I Know What You Did Last Summer is the perfect reminder that late ‘90s fashion is forever. Those denim overalls, cropped camisoles and bakerboy caps you’re wearing now are prominently highlighted in the film, which focuses on what happens after four friends kill a fisherman and starts receiving messages from someone who wants to remind them of their deed. Pro tip: If you need a quick costume for tonight while doling out candy, you probably have this movie’s look in your closet right now.


hocus pocus

I have a tradition of watching Hocus Pocus every October 31st. Taking place in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night, a teenager resurrects three evil witches and must stop them from terrorizing the town. While a fun throwback from childhood, I’m still inspired by the elaborate lace-trimmed gowns that the sorceresses sport, along with their over the top hair and moody makeup.

Which movie are you planning to watch this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!