The Halloween Costume You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

October 26th, 2021 at 5:37pm
The Halloween Costume You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Halloween is one day out of the entire year when you can be whoever you want to be. This year, we are going all out. It’s important to find a costume that matches your style. It should express the favorite parts of yourself and bring out your inner creativity. And of course, you can still be fashionable while celebrating the most dramatic occasion.

Let the universe decide your costume this year and display your dominant qualities. Keep reading to find what you should wear this October based on your star sign.

CAPRICORN: Barbie Doll

As a Capricorn, you are ambitious, strong, and a big shopper…just like the character we adored as children. You are as loyal to your friends as you were to that same Barbie doll you had growing up. Pay tribute to her and dress up in colorful accessories head-to-toe. Take inspiration from Beyonce and make it your own.

AQUARIUS: Harry Styles

Not only is he our favorite Aquarius sun, but Harry is the ultimate fashion icon. Portray your individualistic, eccentric side with Harry Styles’ classic uniform of wide-leg trousers held up by colorful suspenders, over a button-down shirt. Pull it all together with a boa.

PISCES: Jack-O-Lantern

Reinvent Gigi Hadid’s effortless spooky make-up and slip on your go-to little black dress. Bring out your artistic side and use your inventive imagination to get creative in painting your face and making this look your own. 

ARIES: Burlesque

This fire sign didn’t come to play around this Halloween. Embrace your fearless, energetic, impulsive side like the inner badass performer you are. Pair your best cocktail dress with beads, a bold lip, and a sleek bob wig to show up and leave an unforgettable impression. Community member Sophia Andries pulled off this look in style.

TAURUS: Comic Book Character

This is an easy look to achieve for the chill, grounded Tauruses out there. I assure you no one else will show up with this unique, creative costume. Listen to the universe and go straight to the Halloween section at your local store for some face paint and recreate Bella Hadid’s stellar photoshoot from last October.

GEMINI: Marilyn Monroe

Who is more charming than Marilyn Monroe? Maybe that’s because she was a Gemini. Your expert social skills will shine in a hot pink dress accompanied by matching gloves under all the jewelry you can gather. Kylie Jenner proved to the world that diamonds are in fact a girl’s best friend. 

CANCER: Madonna

Reveal your inner dreamer by dressing up as the Queen of Pop this Halloween, like Jennifer Lopez impressively did. Madonna is compassionate and can be a little moody at times — perfect for the Cancer queens out there. Reinvent one of her ultimate ‘80s looks with lots of lace, long necklaces, and voluminous hair. 

LEO: Elton John 

If you are a Leo, you either go all out or you don’t go out at all. We know you will take any opportunity to show off and dress to the nines. You will get all the attention you could ever desire with any dramatic Elton John outfit. Put together a glittery look covered in gems, feathers, and fringe. Of course, you can’t forget his signature sunglasses.

VIRGO: Queen

You are a nonstop, go-getter who is adored by all. With your focus, planning, and hard work, you have all the characteristics of a queen bee. This astrological placement will rule the world in classic formalwear, topped off with a shiny crown to let everyone know you are in charge this Halloween. Take a classy approach or make it spooky, as Vanessa Hudgens did last year.

LIBRA: Elle Woods

Embody your romantic, artistic, and charismatic personality traits as the most loved social butterfly of all early 2000s movies. As an admirer of art and beauty, you will have no problem recreating a look inspired by this fashion icon. To coincide with the launch of her law career, Kim Kardashian took on this character and nailed it. Throw on everything pink in your closet and call yourself Elle Woods…what, like it’s hard? 

SCORPIO: Pamela Anderson in “Barb Wire”

Channel your mysterious, powerful presence as the edgy, fierce Pamela Anderson in the 1996 film “Barb Wire” like celebrity Scorpio Kendall Jenner did last Halloween. This look is intense and sexy, perfect for your commanding energy. Layer on black leather matched with this dramatic eye makeup to stop the show at the end of the month. 

SAGITTARIUS: Jessica Rabbit

You will be the heart of any costume party, dressed as this free-spirited, treasured character. Jessica Rabbit was definitely a Sagittarius. Like Ashley Graham did for Instagram, demonstrate your skills as a natural entertainer in a red dress, purple gloves, and wavy hair swept to the side. 

Each zodiac sign is unique and, obvious or not, we seem to be able to relate with the characteristics assigned to us. Embody who you are this Halloween and create the perfect look for your next costume party.

Featured photo by @sophiaandries.