This Beauty Look Will Totally Work With Your Graduation Cap

May 4th, 2017 at 2:00am

Whether you like it or not, the day of your graduation will be filled with pictures. Your friends will want to take selfies with your cap and gown and your parents will want a family portrait to celebrate your achievement. Of course in all of these photos, you will want to look your best. I am one who loves to rock a bold red lip or pastel eyeshadow, but even I have to admit that the day of graduation calls for something a bit more subtle. We wouldn’t want your eyeshadow to clash with your school colors, now would we? I created a simple, but photographable look that will look great when you take your graduation photos with a professional, or with your sister’s favorite snapchat filter.

Working the Face: Make sure to prime your face for your foundation and the long day ahead of you. This will help prevent any streaking or creasing from tears or sweat on the stressful and exciting day. Make sure to blend your foundation into your neck too! It will be especially visible in pictures if your face is much tanner than your neck. Try not to go too heavy on your concealer under the eyes or use too light of a setting/face powder. If a camera flash goes off it will give you a ghostly look. But you will want to make sure you mattify your T-zone. That’s usually where your oil will build up and give you the highlight you aren’t looking for. Be sure to fill in your brows, especially at the tail ends. Sometimes brows seem to fade away in pictures.

Lining the Eyes: I recommend going for neutral colors of eyeshadow. Use a matte shade as a base, a darker shade in the crease, and highlight with a shimmer on the inner corners of the eye and brow bone. This will draw attention to your eyes where you want it and make them pop. Liquid eyeliner is the way to go over a pencil. It will create a darker and more even line that will photograph better and give you the cat eye you’re looking for. Finish with your favorite volumizing mascara. Add false lashes for extra drama and length.

Finishing Your Look: Before your spritz your favorite setting spray to seal your makeup magic in place, don’t forget to contour and add more color to your face. Brush your favorite contouring powder onto your temples, jawline, down the sides of your nose, and of course, under the cheekbones. This will add more dimension to your face. You can be a little more heavy handed with your blush, so you don’t look washed out in pictures, but be careful! Sweep highlighter over your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. When selecting a lip color, a nude or soft pink is the way to go. Choose a simple and sweet color that is pleasing to the eye and not under the category of “statement color.” Graduation is not the day to try an editorial look. You’ll thank me later when you see your pictures.

Most of all, remember to have fun and relax! Taking pictures should be a fun experience to document a milestone in your life. On the day of your graduation, remember to let your smile rest a little and not strain too hard for pictures. A soft smile never did anyone wrong.

Have any graduation makeup tips? Let us know in the comments below!