God Bless Ribbon Belts

June 27th, 2017 at 2:00am
God Bless Ribbon Belts

Summer is upon us which means more outdoorsy activities! Who isn’t looking forward to the classic American summer: pools, BBQs, fireworks and that summer heat! Even though it can get pretty toasty in the Cincinnati area, it does not mean you have to sacrifice style. You can be both comfortable and stylish with the heat waves coming through. One piece you can use that’s stylish and classic is a standard ribbon belt. Ribbon belts would fall under the fashion category of preppy, but a good ribbon belt can make an outfit standout.

The summer is full of classic American holidays like the Fourth of July, in which case the use of flags as a prop was necessary (as you can tell). I’ve included both photos of a male Fashionisto as well as myself modeling ribbon belts. The reason being is because ribbon belts are not for one gender; they’re for all who choose to wear them! As you can see they’re colorful and fun, yet classic. You can wear them with casual looks (as the Fashionisto and myself are demonstrating), or you can wear them in a more business casual look with khakis or other slacks. The Fashionisto is showing a look that’s more suited for a relax business atmosphere, while mine is 100 percent casual.

The Fashionisto chose colors that highlight the belt. A blue button-down, blue jeans, and the brown leather dress shoes accentuates the purple and green in the belt by F. H. Wadsworth. On myself I decided to pair my belt with a classic white button up and mom jean-shorts, as well as brown faux leather sandals. I really wanted to stick with the red, white, and blue theme, seeing as my ribbon belt resembles the American flag. For ladies, it’s easiest to pair your makeup based off the color the belt. For this particular instant I chose red due to the fact that the main accent color was red.

There are so many different ways to make a ribbon belt work! Feel free to tag @CFashionista with your tips on styling a ribbon belt if you have one that you love as well!