How to Get Your Wellness Back on Track!

How to Get Your Wellness Back on Track!

Wellness is often neglected by college students, but I am here to tell you that your wellness should be a focal point this summer. Now that the stress of school is over for the summer, it is time to start a new project: you.

Read your way to wellness

1. There are so many ways to get your wellness back on track this summer. Start by soaking up some of that Vitamin D in a fun sporty suit! Now that we have finally emerged from the library, there is plenty of time to sun tan, swim, or just walk around with friends.

2. Wellness does not imply doing nothing. There are so many activities that you can do for your wellness. Do your best to be active, whether that means going on a run or a stroll. It is up to you. Go to a park, picnic, or that café that you have been dying to try! The possibilities for this summer are endless.

Get tons of rest

3. Another way to boost your wellness is to eat right. We all have cheat days, but check out a juice bar, or walk around the local farmer’s market for a fun and fresh way to mix it up.

4. There are ways to look chic while still feeling comfortable. Try rocking some boyfriend jeans and a loose shirt. Style the look with a messy bun, some simple sandals, and a cute pair of shades.

Find some fashion tips in a good magazine

5. The most important thing to remember this summer is to get some rest. Every college student experiences sleep deprivation, and it is time to catch up on your slumber this summer! Grab a magazine, book, or headphones to jam out while sprawling out. Whether you are on the beach or in bed, relax and rejuvenate with some shuteye.

Whatever you do and wherever you go this summer, be sure to apply sunscreen! This summer is all about you, so get out there and enjoy!

Comment below other ways to revitalize and refresh yourself before jumping into a new year of school!