Get the Job by Doing These 5 Things

Get the Job by Doing These 5 Things

Whether you have just graduated, are looking for some part-time work, or the company you’re obsessed with is finally hiring, finding a job can be stressful. From creating résumés to buying an outfit that is professional yet chic, there are countless things to be done before even walking through the door of your potential employer’s office. No need to stress here, though! These five tips are surefire ways to go from ‘hire me’ to ‘hired.’

Step1—Buy a New Outfit

If you’re looking for an excuse to go shopping, here it is! Keep up with the latest trends by getting a solid blouse, striped pants, and cute heels—or flats if heels aren’t your thing. Top off the look with a cute résumé folder!

Step 2—Create the Perfect Résumé

The first step to creating the perfect resume is to find a pre-made template. This will make the design and layout process much simpler and a lot faster. Those templates can give you endless options but make sure you keep it simple. Use colors and patterns in a subtle way. If your potential employer does not like the design of your résumé, he or she may throw it out before even reading it. You also want to make sure all the important information is near the top, so put your experience first after contact details. Last, remember to edit, edit, and edit again!

Step 3—Simple, Elegant Makeup

Tone down the contour and eyeliner. Each person has his or her own style, so keep yours while also being simple. You want to look fresh and awake without distracting the interviewer with yellow eyeliner and black lipstick. Once you get the job, you’ll have everyday to try out the latest bold trends.

Step 4—Clean-up Social Media

Your social media accounts should always represent your personality but in a professional way. Chances are, if a grandparent wouldn’t appreciate the post, your boss might not either. So, get rid of those iffy posts, Google yourself to see what comes up, and do all that you can to make sure your future employer likes everything he or she sees about you online.

Step 5—Practice!

Typical interview questions can be found anywhere online. So, sit down over a cup of coffee with a friend and rehearse your answers.

What are your pre-interview habits? Let me know in the comments below!