Friendship in the Digital Age is Actually Kind of Amazing

June 7th, 2017 at 2:00am

Social media is a funny thing. Sure, it has it’s negative qualities, like impacting body image, self esteem, and not letting that embarrassing photo from middle school stay in the past. But in the age of selfie-obsessions, there are some wonderful, real connections that are fostered, and we’re not just talking about matching on Tinder.

The internet and social media have made connecting with like-minded individuals and fostering real, long-distance friendships possible. Whether it started with a DM, a follow on tumblr, or even through our favorite digital community (*cough* CollegeFashionista *cough*), the digital age has created a whole new way to connect, engage, support, and foster real friendships.

We caught up with a few college students (aka the most digitally savvy demographic around) and asked them to share their own experiences on how the digital age has shaped the friendships in your own life.

Norah Murphy

“I’ve gotten to know so many Style Gurus through social media and could gauge what they were like from their posts and style, but once I mustered up the courage to comment on a photo or even slide into their DMs, I really learned more about them and from there made friends all over the country.”

(Photo via @norahmurphy)

Jordan Shiley

“I think it’s amazing how I can consider people I’ve never met my friends because of how easy it is to communicate digitally. I feel especially close with the girls who [I have gotten to meet at different CF activations]. We still have a huge group message and talk everyday.”

(Photo via @mmoor)

Megan Sharp

“When I first met Eliza (a fellow Style Guru and intern), we didn’t really talk all that much. Then one day we started talking in the office and haven’t stopped since. The summer I interned in office with her set the tone for my senior year of college and this summer. Last summer we would buy veggies and cook at my apartment. Fast forward to this summer, we went to LA together and now she’s my roommate! She’s been amazing and is one of my best friends, and it would not have happened if I hadn’t joined CollegeFashionista.”

(Photo via @n_agem)

Alexa Mendoza

“Gabi and I met through Tumblr about five years ago and have amazingly kept in touch ever since. We’ve only met in person about three times [but is one of my closets friends]. Social media’s easily accessible and can be used positively and negatively, so I think it’s important to be cautious about what’s going on around you when utilizing it. However, when used for positive purposes, you can find yourself getting inspiration for room decor, reaching out to a company that you really enjoy and would love to work for, or in my case, finding a long-term best friend all the way across the country, or even around the world!”

(Photo via @alexadmendoza)

Do you have any digital friendship stories? Tell us in the comments below!